Mix•o•logie blendable perfume collection

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The good, the rad, and the lovely is the best way to describe Mix•o•logie, now they launch a new blendable perfume collection. Crafted in Austin, Texas, Mix•o•logie™ Blendable Perfume Collection is the new perfume kit that evolves along with its users. Rather than limiting you to a singular fragrance, Mix•o•logie instead created eight unique scents evoking eight distinct and relatable emotions: Tender, Assured, Sultry, Serene, Free, Tenacious, Inspired, and Electric. Mix•o•logie is the alcohol-free blendable perfume collection that doesn’t ask you – or want you – to be someone else.

These beautifully-blended perfumes now allow you to choose whether today’s “signature scent” is one of the eight expertly-crafted individual fragrances or a unique mixture befitting of the moment’s mood. Mix and match to create your own, one-of-a-kind scent or use one of the brand’s “recipes,” which are fun, pre-determined combinations that you can use to match the day’s disposition.

Mix•o•logie blendable perfume collection

Mix•o•logie blendable perfume collection

Mix•o•logie blendable perfume collection

Each kit contains the following:
• Eight rollerball fragrances, 5 mL each
• Seven recipe cards
• A beautiful box,

Feel Electric (Citrus Twist), Serene (Light Floral), Inspired (Rose Floral), Tender (Fruity), Free (Ocean Mist), Sultry (Wild Musk), Tenacious (Crisp Vanilla), Assured (Natural), or feel everything all at once. It’s impossible to go wrong, and with Mix•o•logie, you can’t be wrong when you’re being unapologetically, unmistakably, and unabashedly yourself!

Mix•o•logie wanted to create something different, something that embraced honesty and experimentation. Something that was real and intelligent, funny, attainable and changeable. Made up of eight distinct scents that evoke eight characteristics we admire, this alcohol-free blendable perfume collection that evolves with you. Feel electric, serene, inspired, tender, free, sultry, and tenacious, assured, or feel everything all at once. It’s impossible to go wrong. You can’t when you’re unapologetically, unmistakably, and unabashedly yourself.

The collection can be purchased online for the retail price of $69

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