Mayta – Peruvian Cuisine in the heart of Hong Kong

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Few cuisines are as diverse and influenced by multi-cultural traditions and geographical span as the Peruvian. Over the last five centuries, Peru’s multi-ethnic population is made up of migrants like the Amerindians who originated from Asia, the Spanish who arrived after the Spanish conquest in the 16th century, and those who followed from England, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and other regions in South America. Such cultural diversity brought with it traditional cuisines that were modified by using local ingredients. Peru’s traditional stables include rice, potatoes, corn, and chili peppers; and more recently, plants and vegetables that have been rediscovered from ancient societies of Peru. These are, for example, quinoa, kaniwa and the maca; nowadays consider superfoods because of their excellent nutritious.

Mayta – Peruvian Cuisine in the heart of Hong Kong

Experience the richness of the Peruvian cuisine

To experience the richness of the Peruvian cuisine, some 18,000km away and located in Central, Hong Kong, is the Mayta Kitchen & Pisco Bar – a stylish venue and inspiring take on traditional Peruvian gastronomy. Upon arrival, restaurant manager Erika Ruiz greets guests; ample use of timbers – floorboards, posts, and ceilings – as well as an abundance of color tones and traditional artifacts quickly set the stage for what promises to be an authentic Peruvian dining experience.

Mayta – house infused pisco

Sample Peru’s traditional Pisco drink

Patrons, keen to sample Peru’s traditional Pisco drink, will notice an eye-catching Pisco bar that takes center stage. The Pisco Sour, made up of base liquor with sour citrus juice and egg white, is shaken or blended with ice and strained into a glass. Displayed in large clear-glass bottles, Mayta’s house-infused Pisco varieties include Blackberry-Thyme, Cranberry-Basil and Mojito Chilicano, an intriguing fusion of passion fruit, mint, lime and ginger ale.

Mayta’s Chef Eduardo Montes and Jamie Pesaque

Jaime Pesaque, one of Peru’s most celebrated chefs and restaurateurs, designed Mayta’s menu. He is regarded as an innovator and champion of elevated Latin American dining; today, he oversees signature restaurants in Lima, Punta del Este, Miami and New York. Responsible for Mayta in Hong Kong and sharing the passion for Peruvian cuisine is Chef Eduardo Montes, himself a protégé of Chef Pesaque. He explains the Mayta experience, which revolves around a Ceviche Station were dishes are typically shared among guests.

Clasico ceviche

Clasico ceviche

Peru’s cuisine influenced by multi-cultural and geographical diversity

Mayta’s menu reflects the multi-cultural and geographical diversity that has influenced Peru’s cuisine. Ceviche, for example, is Peru’s flagship dish comprising of raw fish, marinated with Peruvian limes and chillies. Most commonly eaten as a fist course or appetizer, ceviche requires great skill and understanding of spices and acidity. Prepared only minutes before serving, fresh chunks of firm white fish, such as sea bass, are mixed with red onions, cholco, cancha and fresh lime juice. It is the acid in the lime that actually cooks the fish, resulting in an explosion of taste and texture.

Arroz con pato

Perfectly accompanied by another round of Pisco, classic menu items include Anticuchos, which are grilled meat and seafood skewers. Consisting of small pieces of beef, chicken or octopus, skewers of meat are tastefully marinated in lime juice, vinegar and spices like aji (Peruvian chili peppers). Another Peruvian classic, Arroz con Pato, is a duck leg confit placed on beer cilantro rice mixed with cholco, piquillo peppers and baby carrots. At Mayta, many other classic and newly inspired dishes are to be explored, and no meal seems complete without trying a traditional desert. Peruvians love their dulces, here, Chef Eduardo Montes’s interpretation of a classic Limenan desert is the Suspiro de Limena, which is dulce de leche, quinoa cookie, olive oil ice cream, almond oil and grilled pineapple.

Suspiro De Limenna

Mayta’s cosy atmosphere creates an opportunity for guest and host to engage

Mayta’s cosy atmosphere creates an opportunity for guest and host to engage, and Chef Eduardo Montes and restaurant manager Erika Ruiz are on hand to explain ingredients, cooking methods and Peruvian folklore. This unique dining experience, offers a delightful sensory journey through culinary Peru, all while remaining comfortably seated at Mayta Kitchen & Pisco Bar located in the heart of Hong Kong. Buon Provecho!

 MAYTA Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar, 3rd Floor, Grand Progress Building, 15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Tel: 2790 0928

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