Mango Tree – authentic Thai, celebrations at ELEMENTS

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The Mango Tree restaurant brand has enjoyed much success over the years – its DNA uniquely composed of ‘heartfelt hospitality, flavorful cuisine, eye-catching ambience, fun and celebrations’. Welcome to ‘Mango Tree’ the Thai dining experience at the luxurious retail development ELEMENTS, Kowloon – where guests come to celebrate with colleagues, friends, and enthusiasts of authentic Thai cuisine.

Elements Mango Tree Entrance 2

Mango Tree at ELEMENTS

True to its roots and humble beginnings nearly two decades ago in downtown Bangkok (placed around a mango tree), Mango Tree Hong Kong has pledged to uphold the traditions of serving authentic Thai dishes from all major regions, blending sweet, sour and spicy flavors in the most eye-appealing creations. Envisioned as a place where every guest has a unique and memorable dining experience, its location well chosen for spectacular views of Hong Kong’s harbor setting and magnificent skyline.

Under The Mango Tree Hong Kong Skyline

The magic however, may well lie in Thai cooking itself, were influences from the 17th century onwards include Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Japanese. Adding to the traditional Thai cooking methods of stewing, baking, and grilling, Chinese cooking methods like frying, stir-frying and deep-frying were also infused. It is said, that it was Portuguese missionaries that introduced chilies to Thai cooking during the late 1600’s, and that unlike western cooking methods – were ingredients are measured quite precisely, in Thai cooking measurement is much more indulgent.

Baby Pork Ribs

Unique to Thai cooking is the art of combining sweet, sour, creamy and spicy flavors – best enjoyed when the ‘heat’ (spiciness) sits on top of these four flavors. Certainly authentic Thai, the Mango Tree secret lies in the right balance of flavors – its many signature dishes testimony of the love affair guests have with fresh ingredients, beautifully presented.

Tom Kha Goong

This celebration of cultures and blending of traditions is quite evident when observing guests from all over – rejoicing in ‘harmony’; this too, a guiding principle behind Thai cuisine. Seated under mango tree groves – a contemporary reinterpretation through use of timbers and other traditional Thai elements, a typical Mango Tree dinner may begin with a signature cocktail (like the Lemongrass Mojito).

Fried Prawns with Green Peppercorns

This is best followed by traditional Thai starters, a hot salad or a clear soup, a steamed dish, a fried dish complemented by a variety of sauces into which food is dipped. Stimulating all senses, the meal is complemented by a buzzing atmosphere and crowned by sweet deserts and fresh fruits, one more long-standing symbol of Thai traditions.

Steamed Pumpkin Custard

Mango Tree’s Goal is to “present patrons with the best that Thai cuisine has to offer in a delectable food presentation, at the same time to create an ambience that is both simple and lively, created by crafting Traditional Thai dishes in a modern environment, whilst delivering service excellence”; this may well be its formula for success, whilst guests continue their celebrations of ‘authentic Thai’ at ELEMETNS.

Mango Tree – authentic Thai, celebrations at ELEMENTS

Mango Tree Restaurant, Shop 2032, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong ; Telephone : (852) 2668 4884 ; Website:

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