LWW presents a limited collection handbag

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A handbag with design fee of tens of millions of euros has been released. Mrs. Gucci and the creator of this art work made a decision at the last minute: only showing the front side of the handbag to the public and displaying it on the home page of LWW Customization (www.ftoc.com) as the top treasure of the world’s first FCF model based company.

Consumers look for many things in a handbag, and are often stopped by price, or simplicity of design, however are attracted to an abstract, or rare in material, or unique design. The difference of this distinctive priceless handbag is that the inspiration initially came from a seven year old child in China, whose environment-friendly originality channels Van Gogh’s magnificent style, and the perfect interpretation of short strokes and beautiful colors that truly expresses the beautiful world.” It’s a genuine out of print art work transcending the traditional sense of luxury since it is the only customized handbag worldwide.

LWW presents a limited collection handbag

LWW presents a limited collection handbag

The priceless handbag was painted with an innocent imagination, while it was crafted by the first lady Maria PIA Gucci of the Gucci family. It’s a big event for the Gucci family after selling the Gucci brand. The front side of the handbag is embedded with 57 rare gems and shells including clam shells, agate, emerald, mother of pearl and turquoise jewelry as an ingenious decoration integrating with the gorgeous artistic conception of the handbag.

This handbag represents the recognition of China’s original design for the first time from the European fashion industry.

Austrian princess Peja was full of praise when she first saw the handbag. The original painting on the handbag was hailed as an art work of inspiration with Van Gogh‘s impressionist painting style. The lifelike brushwork of the butterfly pattern and colorful overall painting perfectly highlight solid foundation of Made in Italy in leather dyeing technology. In addition, the leather material was handmade by the old master craftsmen in Florence, which is known for its leather craftsmanship.

LWW presents a limited collection handbag

The rare materials and unique cultural connotation and artistic realm bring the “beautiful world” to life. The artwork strikes a balance with the world by including the Chinese creation and  the friendly collaboration between both Western and Chinese cultures.

Mrs. Gucci and the creator of the art work made a decision at the last minute — only one side of the handbag has been revealed. This is the top display on LWW home page. Although it can not be purchased it is a beautiful piece to enjoy.

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