Luxcurly hair curler beautiful hair just a touch away

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Whether it’s a beachy wave or a touch of Hollywood glamour, curls have become the go to look for everyday styling and special occasions alike. However creating curls often more about wand mishaps, straightener fails and lifelong burns than the runway ready style we all long for.

Luxcurly hair curler beautiful hair just a touch away

Luxcurly hair curler beautiful hair just a touch away

Enter Luxcurly auto rotating curling irons your ticket to fail safe, fuss free curls. The amazing winning feature of a rotating barrel makes creating the perfect look not only quick but easy too. Luxcurly takes the guesswork out of hair curling. It’s the simple solution to make luscious locks achievable for even the most apprentices of hair curlers and the ultimate time saver for busy mothers or women on the go. At first gland Luxcurly looks like any other curling tone available, however it’s the auto-rotating function and the ability to choose your curl direction that makes this product easy to use and novice friendly.

Luxcurly hair curler beautiful hair just a touch away

So how do you use Luxcruly? It’s simple, place a small section of hair under the clamp and click the “L” or “R” button to rotate the barrel, either left or right, and then hold a few seconds before releasing and voilà beautiful waves in and instant. Luxcurly is available in two styles; the Lux Natural 28mm barrel which is perfect for creating a relaxed wave, while the Lux Classic is the best for a more defined curl. Both wands are produced from the highest quality tourmaline giving fast, even heat at every use.

The LCD temperature control means the user can pick the perfect heat for their type and thickness with an adjustable heat seating ranging from 110 – 220 degrees Celsius which can be altered depending on the thickness of your hair. Whether you’re new to curling, haven’t mastered the style or are simply looking for the ultimate time saver, Luxcurly is your answer to flawless curls every time.

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