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Legend has it, that Lupa (Latin translation for ‘she-wolf’) nurtured the abandoned twin brothers ‘Romulus and Remus’ she found alongside the river Tiber in Italy; sons of Ilia and the God of Mars – in Roman mythology, they became as famous of an image as the ‘Trojan horse’ in Greek mythology. Romans are well known for their traditional stories – so historical in nature that they have miraculous and often supernatural origins. Welcome to Lupa Hong Kong – brother of Lupa New York, and prodigal son to Mario Batali – a legend in the American / Italian food culture, and Master of authentic Italian cuisine.


Lupa Hong Kong, Open Terrace

Upon entry into Lupa Hong Kong, the namesake sculpture of ‘she-wolf’ greets guests eager to experience authentic Italian fare and intrigued by Lupa’s mystical and legendary narratives. Before taking to the culinary experience, an oversized patio (2,500sf) – less usual in space-constraint cities like Hong Kong, invites guests to enjoy cocktails or Italian wine in the open. A large fresco wall reminding patrons of the story behind ‘Romulus and Remus’ – golden letters tell the tail taken from ‘Ovid Fasti’ Book II.

Lupa Hong Kong

For guests who have been to Lupa New York (which opened in 1999), Lupa Hong Kong is a more modern and upscale take – adjusting gracefully to Hong Kong’s appreciation for style. Expectations, however, remain firmly placed on experiencing authentic Italian cuisine, and Lupa’s renowned celebration of history and culture of Italian food across its plentiful regions. Upon entry into the main restaurant, the atmosphere sets the stage – not quite as rustic as its Lower Manhattan sibling, yet as warm, entertaining and authentic to their mystical meaning. Mosaic-tiled flooring, timber furnishing – nicely balanced against solid timber ceilings, retro light fittings, wine-filled cabinets, and an open kitchen abuzz with activity; this is Lupa’s interpretation of country-style dining with a modern twist.

Lupa Hong Kong, Chef Giuseppe Ferreri

The menu varies depending on season and access to typical produce from Italy’s diverse regions. Today’s menu theme is in celebration of the taste and flavors of Umbria – a small yet central and breathtakingly pictures region North of Rome, crossed by the legendary river Tiber. Chef Giuseppe Ferreri (born and culinary trained in Rome) is orchestrating experts in Italian cooking from the ‘guest-side’ of the open kitchen, thereby quick on hand to explain the subtleties of key ingredients, flavors and uniqueness of the prevailing monthly menu. For example, a keynote in the Umbria-inspired menu is Truffle – thanks to globalization, now accessible daily direct from its local source.

Authentic Italian Cuisine

Alongside an extensive à la carte list of options, the “Summer Truffle” menu invites guests to take a culinary journey – sampling Tartare di Manzo – Beef Tartar, Pochet and Fried Duck Egg, house-made Raviolini al Pecorino di Norcia, followed by the piatto principale (main course) of Lamb Medallions roasted in Lardo. Completing the journey through taste and flavors, is the Tartufo al Tartufo; all dishes – including the gelato are generously toped with Umbrian Truffle, naturally.

Whether in New York or Hong Kong, Lupa’s intention is to uphold the traditional Italian (Roman) way of cooking – celebrating tastes, flavors and produce that are authentic to each of the 20 regions. Hong Kongers are certainly spoilt for choice – all to aware of the physical gratification and feeling of ‘well being’, that comes from a rewarding dining experience. The Lupa story may well be of mighty legends and authentic Italian cuisine – the dining experience, however, is yours individually to enjoy – Buon Appetito!

Lupa by Mario Batali, 3/F, LHT Tower, 31 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong. Telephone: +852 2796 6500,

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