Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

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Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment invites you to talk to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon,  the issues most people want addressed  where their eyes are concerned are to correct their dark circles, eye-area lines, wrinkles, dryness and inflammation.

Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

Curtis A. Cluff Chief Executive Officer of Envy Medical,Inc commented that “Physicians and their patients have been telling us that they don’t have good options for treating dark under-eye circles. We realized that there was no single product that comprehensively addressed the issues in a safe and effective manner”.  This led Lumixyl to work on Lumixyl Revitaleyes and tackle a combination of issues that addressed the changing area around the eyes.

Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment
What makes Lumixyl Revitaleyes different? it is the first eye cream formulated with decapeptide-12 as part of a comprehensive treatment to correct dark circles, eye-area lines and wrinkles, dryness and inflammation,  when researching other eye treatments EnvyMedical only found one or two concerns are usually addressed in the treatment. The ability of decapeptide-12 to reduce hyper pigmentation in skin can be reviewed in a few studies that have been published in leading journals including those in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology August 2009.
Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

The combination of Chrysin, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, and EDTA to chelate iron deposits in skin in such a way that it can then be removed by the skins own natural processes.  This can also be reviewed in an example of a study showing the efficacy of these ingredients is found Scientific Investigation and Clinical Summary:  Age Intervention® Dark Circle Eye Defense where 80% to 100% of the 42 patients in two separate study sites showed significant improvement in dark eye circles caused by hemosiderin (an iron-storage complex found in blood cells).
Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

Lumixyl Revitaleyes eye treatment

So the advantage for Lumixyl Revitaleyes  is that it combines both the effective, proven treatment of darkening around the eye caused by hyper pigmentation with the darkening caused by the leaky blood vessels that deposit hemosiderin.  Presently no other product has this combination for effective treatment, additionally anti-inflammatory agents to reduce puffiness, and hyaluronic acid to increase moisture content and reduce wrinkles – which will give immediate visual benefits while the other ingredients do the heavy work over 6 to 8 weeks.
While speaking with Curtis Cluff CEO Envy Medical, on the topic of blepharoplasty patients and their issues of darkening around the eyes after surgery, he commented that while no studies have been conducted poor circulation could indicate other problems not related to what is going on within the skin at the completion of surgery.
Envy Medical believes that Lumixyl Revitaleyes will become very established as a post blepharoplasty treatment in addressing both the hemoglobin/hemosderin deposits that occur in greater visible quantities post procedure, as well as the Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation that occurs for many skin types after such a procedure.  Lumixyl® Revitaleyes can be found on line in New York at Dr. Zdinak, Precision Aesthetics, 10 West 74th Street, New York NY 10023.

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  1. I read great and interesting feedback and reviews about this skin tightening cream. Perhaps, I’ll try it, because I want to get rid of my wrinkles without any pain or big procedure… I don’t like at all how my skin looks like and I’ll look much younger without them on my face for sure. Howsoever, it’s great that we have so many options for this annoying problem – especially for me!

  2. Geraldine Lai ~ Beauty Career Professional says:

    thank you for the comments, if you go to the web site (there is a link in the article) the company who produces the eye treatment has a lot of clinical data, they have been very thorough in their research.

    I wrote this with a particular request to see if the cream could help clients who underwent a blepharoplasty, which can leave poor circulation after the operation. They had results on the improvement of this particular issue which I was impressed with.

    Curtis Cuff the CEO is also worth contacting he is very pleasant and well informed, if you have a particular issue you want to address. I think its important to understand the ingredients in cream and also if they put in the recommended quantity, some companies state the cream contains a well known ingredient and it may but the quantity is practically zero.

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