Li’Tya Marine Collagen Relief Gel

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Li’Tya Marine Collagen Relief Gel, is just one of the products that feels good when you hold the product as the packaging has a smooth earthy feel. A pump action that is solid when using, holding and pumping the product is easy. We don’t often think about this, but I have had pump bottle products where my hand slips from the pump action. The pump can be too small for the size of the bottle, here with LiTya ‘Marine Collagen Relief Gel, its just right from the word GO!

I took this product to the UK where in April you can go through a spring that comprised of wind, rain and clear blue sunny skies. This is a versatile treatment a perfect accompaniment for the changes in climate from cooling, heat and redness due to sun exposure, irritation and inflammation.

At first, I just thought this if great only for the summer, but with Its immediate effect that has dramatic results it’s an all-rounder. It has an immediate calming, yet, at the same time, deeply hydrating and rebalancing to any areas of the face that have been exposed to the elements.

Light texture, quick absorbing, yet effective and for me that is key. I want to feel my skin is still hydrated at the end of the day. If my skin is hydrated, I will also see my makeup application go on effortlessly, not patchy or dry, and this I achieved.

LiTya ‘Marine Collagen Relief Gel

LiTya ‘Marine Collagen Relief Gel

So, what are the key ingredients to help you achieved this great balance, it’s a highly nutritious Aloe Vera content,  Mother of Pearl for smoothing and renewing the skins surface and essential oils of Grapefruit (toning), Sandalwood (strengthening), Clary Sage (balancing), Ylang Ylang (nourishing) and Frangipani (restoring). Plus, it’s fantastic kept cold in the fridge.

To use Marine Collagen Relief Gel simply cleanse your face (ideally with LiTya Lilly Pilly Cleanser), spritz with LiTya Wild Rosella Mist and then apply a small amount of treatment gel to the face and neck. Use twice daily morning and night and you’ll be well on your way to a radiant complexion.

LiTya ‘Marine Collagen Relief Gel

Li’Tya was founded by Gayle Heron who understood what was need to create beauty products, as her father was and Industrial Chemist. She grew na­ive Australian plants in her own backyard, and in her kitchen, she turned them into skincare products. Before expanding into the Li’Tya brand fully, she became aware of the importance of asking permission from the ‑first peoples of this land. She asked, ‘Is it OK to use these plants that have been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years?’ She then met with specific Aboriginal elders throughout the country who willingly and respectfully agreed to assist in the further development of Li’Tya.

These elders shared the herbal & healing knowledge that is incorporated into Li’Tya and the ancient spiritual philosophy taught from the Ya’idt-midtung (yai-ma-dung) people.

Li’Tya Marine Collagen Relief Gel

Prepared with the ancient knowledge of the healing properties of the plants, she sent the Na­ive Australian ingredients to Sydney University Research Centre and started to test the qualities of the plants using modern scientific knowledge to break down the active constituents of the plants.

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