Li’Tya Aloe Vera Blue Gel Cleanser

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 Li’Tya Aloe Vera Blue Gel Cleanser. Cleanses, tones and moisturizes effectively in one step. Repairing, replenishing and regenerating for your skin. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids to boost skin renewal and support skin health.

One of the most important aspects of any cleanser you use today is that it does not foam up. For me this shows that the product is not full of harmful chemicals. Li’Tya Aloe Vera Blue Gel Cleanser is just like placing a drop of liquid silk into your palm, with a little water this cleanser just glides over the face lifting makeup and dirt from the skin.

No harsh drying effect afterwards, I use this day and night. Especially after a long flight when I know the skin has been through some harsh drying effects in the plane.

Li’Tya Aloe Vera Blue Gel Cleanser

Here is Europe as in Australia, the summer can be very hot, humid, then suddenly change to rain and lower temperatures. So, it’s hard to keep your skin working well with such changes.

I use a muslin cloth to remove the cleanser, and with that I can see if the makeup is dissolving with the cleanser.

Li’Tya Aloe Vera Blue Gel Cleanser just dissolves the makeup so easily onto the cloth with hardly any color residue left on the muslin or the skin. Some cleansers are so harsh they can’t gently dissolve makeup, and you will find you cleaning cloth full of make up color as if no cleanser was ever applied.

Not just for sensitives skins, but for all skin types who value a good cleanser.


Blend a small amount of Gel Cleanser onto wet hands and massage into the face to create a light foam. Rinse off and follow with mist or hydrator. Cleanse morning and night.

Pure Botanical Elements

Aloe Vera: Calming and hydrating extract provides essential nutrients and elements to your skin.

Blue Cypress: A native pine, enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, can be used as a nourishing, deeply moisturising ingredient, soothes dry and irritated skin and calms and quietens hypo-allergenic and sensitive skins.

Grapefruit: Renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties works to promote the appearance of clear and healthy-looking skin.



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