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LES VERNIS COULEURS CULTE DE CHANEL, from audacious to elegant, five cult nail colours capture the essence of Chanel. Chanel is infamous for launching nail colour trends. In 2010 Beyonce wore Chanel’s  Novelle Vague, the perfect turquoise shade in a music video, and within hours the colour was copied by women everywhere.

Taking you further back to 2008, Victoria Beckham sported the brand’s limited edition Black Satin shade, clearly people want what Chanel has to offer, and Chanel is finally answering back! The recent launch of their Les Vernis Couleurs Culte de Chanel (loosely translated to Chanel’s colour cult) has hit the scene and nail enthusiasts are going wild!

The launch comes with a fun YouTube video  to the soundtrack of New Order that is garnering a lot of attention in the beauty blogosphere. “Chanel has a mature, engaged social audience and I think that announcing a new product launch in that space is a great basis for a campaign,” said Brittany Mills, vice president of client solutions at B Culture Media, Atlanta. “Nail polish is a very viral topic lately with the help of Pinterest, so I think that a social focus for this product was a great idea,” she said. It’s only been a few hours since the launch and it has already gone viral.

The collection features five shades from the brand’s archives.  The shades include Particulière, a taupe-gray; Pirate, a perfect red; Black Satin, the original black; Beige, the ideal beige; and coming back all the way from 1994 is Rouge Noir, a deep red available for a limited-edition run.




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