Landmark Mandarin Oriental announces world premier BGA Sports InSoles

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The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong and the internationally acclaimed pedi:podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez, are proud to announce the world-wide launch of three new innovative models of the footcare specialist’s BGA Sports InSoles®  in an exclusive offering at The Oriental Spa.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental announces world premier BGA Sports InSoles

Recommended by numerous international sports champions.  BGA Sports InSoles® are custom-designed for each foot. Following a personal consultation to ensure the bespoke product delivers the ultimate in made-to-measure comfort, optimal performance, and full protection.

“Each foot is unique, and has its own morphology and complexity. Feet support body weight and its daily impact. Which is why guests need to give particular, professional attention to them,” said Bastien Gonzalez.

The three new models include: B Infinite designed for runners and hikers; B Dynamic ideal for multi-directional athletes including soccer and rugby players; and the B Reactive, specifically tailored to provide a light, yet effective bouncing system for badminton, squash and tennis.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Announces World Premier BGA Sports InSoles

‘This is my first time to experience custom-made insoles that are specifically designed for squash players,’ said Rebecca Chiu. Currently a Squash Coach to the Hong Kong Women’s Squash Team. Former Asian Games Gold Medalist and 10 Times Hong Kong Squash Champions. ‘Not only do the BGA InSoles® help reduce foot pressure while playing on the court. But the insoles also provide stronger support and protection to my feet.’

‘I’ve tried different insoles before but none were really truly customized to my feet like the BGA InSoles®. With basketball there’s a lot of repetitive impact on my joints, the insoles correct subtle foot mechanics that in turn help with absorbing the impact stress. I’ve had injuries before due to repetitive stress, forcing me to take time off training to recover, for an athlete that is the hardest part to endure, not being able to train. The BGA InSoles® keep me on the court, and performing more efficiently.’ Adam Xu, Red Bull 1 on 1 Champion and a representative of Nike World Basketball Festival Greater China and FIBA Hong Kong Men’s National Basketball Team commented.

‘Professional training is always challenging and the road of continuous improvement is certainly tough. With BGA InSoles®, I can always bring along better control and stability of my body on my athlete journey through all the upcoming challenges.’ Leanne Szeto, a current Hong Kong Triathlon team member and the only woman in Hong Kong qualified for the Professional Level Half Ironman race, said.

Since 2002, the world-renowned PEDI: MANI: CURE Studio by Bastien Gonzalez has revolutionised footcare around the globe. The Oriental Spa, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, offers Bastien Gonzalez’s only studio in the Greater China region.

Guests are invited to discover the life-changing podiatric benefits that BGA Sports InSoles® offer, including:

  • Ultimate comfort thanks to its custom-molded design tailored for each foot
  • A significantly more even distribution of foot pressure due to an increase of ‘plantar fulcrums’ (points of rotation) that improve posture
  • Stronger protection of feet from custom-molded materials of the highest quality
  • Improved cushioning to protect heels against shock and trauma from impact
  • Stronger support to the arch to prevent feet from pronating or supinating (the cause of many ankle, knee and lower back injuries)
  • Higher endurance
  • Enhance faster, further and stronger movements
  • A solid bouncing system that effectively reduces tiredness and improves athletes’ performance via restoring energy
  • Higher resistance against heating, irritation and friction
  • Better anti-perspiration protection delivered by an extremely thin, micro-perforated covering material – EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

The three new sports models feature innovative tailor-made properties and specific benefits:

  1. BGA Sports InSoles® – B Infinite: Offering the ultimate uni-directional support for running, hiking and walking activities.
  2. BGA Sports InSoles® – B Dynamic: Ideal for multi-directional sports such rugby, football and basketball.
  3. BGA Sports InSoles® – B Reactive: Crafted for sports involving repetitive jump and lightweight movements, for example, badminton, squash and tennis.

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Announces World Premier BGA Sports InSoles

The world premiere offer at The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong includes a made-to-measure personal service (HKD650) and production of BGA InSoles® (HKD1,900 per pair) within the same day. For reservation, please email or call +852 2132 0011.

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