Lancôme Paris DreamTone fit for a Duchess

| August 6, 2013 | 7 Comments

Lancôme Paris DreamTone  can really pick their VIP’s with the recent news that THE Duchess of Cambridge is believed to be one of the first women in the world to try out a new beauty serum DreamTone from Lancôme Paris which helps with skin pigmentation, especially during and after pregnancy. I think we can assume if this serum has legs it will not be walking out of the stores more like running.


Lancôme Paris DreamTone fit for a Duchess

Lancôme DreamTone all-round correction technology.

Triple Action Technology, comes in three made-to-measure formulas improves the skin’s texture, corrects discoloration problems and improves radiance, combining three non-tinted light diffusing agents adapted to the needs of the 3 different pigmentation profiles. Excess pigmentation takes months, even years to develop and as would be expected, results are not instantaneous.

The new mum is rumored to be a fan of Lancôme using its make-up brands on her wedding day in April 2011. Kate was also seen stocking up on the company’s products in the London department store Peter Jones.

Lancôme Paris DreamTone fit for a Duchess

Lancôme Paris DreamTone fit for a Duchess

Lancôme Paris DreamTone lotion is not available yet and as with all launches was only sent to a select few VIPs such as the new royal mum. Lancôme Paris DreamTone, which has been developed over seven years, is now in such high demand, Lancôme Paris DreamTone has a hotline number 0800 801783 for ‘Desperate Mums’ to place their orders before it goes on sale.

Results take at least 8 weeks to achieve. However Lancôme’s exciting news is that the effect seems to be long lasting with no immediate relapse. Lancôme Paris DreamTone, which will retail at £69 from August 15 in Selfridges and then from September 1 nationwide, claims to help with pigmentation, age spots and pregnancy-related melasma or skin discoloration.

Looks like the baby shower business just took a new turn at Lancôme Paris DreamTone, the next VIP delivery will go to supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Sienna Miller and the female cast of Downton Abbey.

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  1. Lancôme Paris DreamTone fit for a Duchess... | August 6, 2013
  1. vanessa says:

    Would you be so kind as to answer a very important question for me?
    Is the lancome dreamtone serum safe for pregnant women to use ? I would like to reduce the ‘mask’ that was the result of my first pregnancy and lower my chances of developing new brown spots with my now second pregnancy.
    However…is it safe for the baby in my belly?
    Thank you!

    • Geraldine Lai says:

      Hi Vanessa
      Your first incident of melasma is often complex. There is a genetic predisposition to melasma, with at least one-third of sufferers reporting other family members to be affected. In most people melasma is a chronic disorder.There are several known triggers for melasma here are a couple,

      Sun exposure – this is the most important avoidable risk factor.
      Pregnancy may provoke melasma – in affected women, the pigment often fades a few months after delivery.

      When you saw you doctor regarding this in your first pregnancy, what did they say? how long did it last? now you are pregnant again, has it now returned or does the Melasma occur after your pregnancy?

      Lancome Dreamtone is not a skin whitening/bleaching product, with any skin bleaching product you should avoid as it will alter the DNA structure in your skin cell permanently. as Lamcome state on their website, the spots are diminished not removed.

      Visible Correction Over Time:
      • Your dark spots will look diminished
      • You will see a more even skin tone
      • Imperfections like redness, sallowness and acne marks are visibly reduced

      Also as this is an important question to you, you should see your doctor – take a list of the ingredients in the product, nd allow them to see if in your case any of the ingreadient would afect your system or that of the baby. It sounds that you have a serious case of Melasma and I am sure you are speaking to your doctor what did they say?
      looking forward to your news
      thank you

  2. Chrilsy says:

    Hello. I am currently using Lancôme – genifique range plus visionnaire skin corrector. Is it safe to continue even though I am pregnant?

    • Geraldine Lai says:

      Hi Chrilsy
      I always tell any mum to be, that if you have any doubt in your mind about any product you are going to put on your skin, you must speak to your doctor first. It sound to me that you do have concerns regarding melasma? if there is any ingredient in Lancome genifique that is not good for your pregnancy your doctor would know. I would take the Lancome product to him/her let them see the ingredient and let you know. Quite often a mum is on some form of extra vitamins to support the months ahead and these can conflict with so many topical and internal products. To be safe show the doctor the product, that will put your mind at rest.

  3. Queila says:

    Olá Gerealdine, Boa tarde!!!
    Me interessei muito pelo produto, ouço falar bem. Tenho uma dúvida, tenho 33 anos mas aos 31 apareceram manchas em meu rosto, o meu dermatologista diagnosticou como uma melasma e isso foi consequência do uso de anticoncepcionais.
    Esse produto é indicado nessa situação? Realmente diminui as manchas de melasma?

    Agradeço sua resposta.

    • Geraldine Lai says:

      Thank you for your question regarding your melasma issues that were diagnosed by your dermatologist, due to contraceptive usage. What medication did your dermatologist recommend to you? When lancome gave this product to selected celebrities these people were in early stages of pregnancy to aid with the suppression of pigmentation, it sounds like yours appeared after a birth is that correct? let us know what your doctor recommended for your skin type when you met with them.

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