Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eyes

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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eyes. The eyes, the ultimate expression of femininity The eyes are the first thing people notice, they reflect a person’s emotions, giving insight into their personality. They are central to the expressiveness of a woman’s face. Indeed, our Research has shown that the eye area, along with the nose, is one of the first areas people look at when meeting someone.1 Which is why it is essential to take care of it.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eyes

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eyes

This is all the more critical at a time when our ever-intense and increasingly stressful hyperconnected lifestyles often mean we are not getting enough sleep. This leads to signs of fatigue that have a direct impact on the skin, including the eye contour, where the skin is particularly thin and fragile. This area, with its unique anatomy, consists of the upper and lower eyelids which form a cutaneous-mucosal unit, that is, their outer surface is covered with skin and their inner surface with a mucous membrane that protects the eyeball. Eyelid skin is therefore characterised by:

Low natural protection: the surface hydro-lipid film is almost non-existent. – Extreme thinness: on average 0.04 mm compared with 1 mm for the rest of the face, making it more permeable. – Significant stress and a muscle-rich environment: there are no fewer than 22 muscles in the eye contour area, including 14 used for blinking, which is something we do more than 10,000 times a day. – A sluggish lymphatic system and underdeveloped blood circulation.

All of these factors contribute to increasing the fragility of the eye area which suffers from dryness, swelling, puffiness, dark circles and first fine lines and wrinkles. These signs of fatigue are none other than the first signs of ageing… To maintain a fresh face, it is therefore essential to revitalise, smooth, open and brighten the eye area, reduce puffiness and erase dark circles.

To help women preserve the vibrant expressiveness of their face, Lancôme has reinvented its eye contour cream, Advanced Génifique Eye. It is ultra-concentrated with millions of probiotic fractions, iconic active ingredients of the Advanced Génifique serum, to strengthen the skin and its defences against external stress in this particularly vulnerable area of the face.

Advanced Génifique Eye awakens the eye area and visibly combats ten signs of ageing (texture, imprints, uneven complexion, firmness, elasticity), and fatigue (lack of luminosity, lack of freshness, lack of softness, dark circles, puffiness). Smoothing and brightening, its new formula is like a sleep concentrate in a single application.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eyes

Key to the performance of the new Advanced Génifique Eye is the astonishing power of the iconic active ingredients of the Advanced Génifique serum: probiotic fractions.  Since 2009, Lancôme has pioneered the industry by incorporating probiotic fractions into its Génifique serum. Becoming Advanced Génifique in 2013, the “Little black bottle” has since transformed into an icon, one which has required 14 years of research, 197 formulation tests and whose formula is patented until 2029.

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