KIERIN NYC, a Clean and Conscious NY-Centric Fragrance House

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As KIERIN NYC’s co-founder, Mona Maine de Biran, comments, “With World Earth Day approaching, everyone wants to be perceived as eco-friendly even if they aren’t. Refilling an empty perfume bottle sounds nice but, if you really think, it doesn’t speak to whether the perfume is clean and conscious or if the bottle itself is recyclable.

I applaud brands who do it right but, unfortunately, many of these refill offers are deceptive and not eco-friendly but econo-friendly (good for the wallet) and generate more wastage especially when linked to a requirement to purchase new bottles in order to get a refill in an existing bottle”.

KIERIN NYC, a Clean and Conscious NY-Centric Fragrance House

KIERIN NYC, a Clean and Conscious NY-Centric Fragrance House


KIERIN NYC is a niche-fragrance house aiming to inform and inspire, not define or confine, the consumer with recyclable, opaque bottles containing clean, conscious, cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably sourced high-quality eau de parfums.

On why KIERIN NYC uses opaque bottles, Mona explains, “We prefer to do the right thing over the easy thing. The opaque bottle is something few companies commit to because, perhaps, they are afraid consumers, used to seeing what’s inside the bottle, will object out of habit.” The conventional rule in fragrance is to use transparent bottles which usually include UV stabilizers and color additives. “Going against the grain, like we do, means going the extra mile. Educating on the benefits of opaque bottles, a more pure product, being in consumer’s better interests.”

KIERIN NYC bottles are made from recyclable glass, using only natural paints, with a diffuser and cap that are also easily recyclable by the consumer themselves. People should be aware not all glass bottles are recyclable, however. Mona explains, “Decorated glass bottles or bottles covered in paints that are not natural often can’t just be rinsed out, separating glass from metal or plastic, and deposited in a recycle bin.

Responsible recycling may require dismantling, which could be too hard a task for the consumer to do themselves. That leaves the customer with the responsibility to return bottles to the store though I’m unclear on how shifting the responsibility back to the brand materially changes the eco-equation.”

Going the extra mile this Earth Day, KIERIN NYC announces its support for recycling its recyclable bottles. “While it’s true our bottles can be recycled by the consumer themselves locally- a practice we encourage- our team is happy to responsibly recycle KIERIN NYC bottles and we made it easy,” says Mona.

KIERIN NYC, a Clean and Conscious NY-Centric Fragrance House

Domestic USA customers have KIERIN NYC’s support with a local/online alternative to doing it themselves. Simply rinse the 50 ml KIERIN NYC bottle and return it by ground, tracked USPS mail to KIERIN NYC’s corporate offices in New York together with an email address to get a discount coupon delivered via email worth $15 good towards a purchase from of either a replacement bottle or a 50 ml bottle of one of the other scents from KIERIN NYC’S collection.


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