Kerrie Urban in LA for Hair Room Service

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Kerrie Urban in Los Angeles for Hair Room Service, somehow the word “celebrity” always sounds like breaking the bank, especially when you see that well put together celebrity on the red carpet, or glossy magazine cover. So  meetingt with Kerrie Urban at the Montage Hotel Beverly Hills, to find out that booking her celebrity services is not breaking the bank, now that Michael Duenas is launching his very successful New York, Hair Room Service in Los Angeles.

Kerrie Urban makeup artist extraordinaire, and generally all round super talented stylist, has moved from her New York City base to head up Hair Room Service LA. Kerrie works with selected hotels around the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood locations that have celebrity clients, who always use Hair Room Services while they are in New York.
Kerrie Urban in LA for Hair Room Service
Now for the wonderful twist, the cost of using Kerrie’s celebrity services for that special event while you are in LA, and having everything completed in your hotel room, begins at $125.00 for your hair, and the same price for your makeup. Don’t believe me, go to  Hair Room Service and see for yourself, your hair, makeup and even that manicure can all be booked in the comfort of your hotel, and completed by a top stylist.
When I spoke with Kerrie, I mentioned that I really thought that for a celebrity stylist, to visit a hotel in LA would start around $300 plus, Michael Duenas business model cuts out the middle expense of the salon base, and this financial benefit is passed directly to the client.

Kerrie Urban in LA for Hair Room Service

So now you are in LA for that  special occasion, you have the dress, shoes, bag and that reservation has been made, for once don’t try and do everything yourself. Call the hotel concierge to make an appointment with Kerrie Urban at Hair Room Service, your makeup will take around one hour, to glamorize your hair about another hour, and you are set to step out like a celebrity.

Kerrie Urban in LA for Hair Room Service

This is a true steal in LA; I can’t believe the prices, for the quality of artists that will be available. Kerrie said “Hair Room Service will be putting together a qualified artistic team in LA, each artist whether hair, makeup or nails will come with an incredible portfolio”. Now everyone is a celebrity in Los Angeles, don’t you just love that?

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