Kavalan Enters ‘Ginaissance,’ Offers Perfect Drink for 2019

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After the excesses of the holiday period, the answer to the perfect drink could lie in a refreshingly smooth and clean gin by acclaimed whisky maker Kavalan, featuring a subtle blend of six botanical extracts.

Completing worldwide distribution in 2019, Kavalan Gin (40% ABV at 70cl) is the inaugural gin from the Taiwanese whisky maker. Double charcoal-filtered and triple distilled in traditional copper stills, it is made from the same incredibly pure malted barley spirit as the award-winning Kavalan whisky.

Kavalan Enters 'Ginaissance,' Offers Perfect Drink for 2019

Kavalan Enters ‘Ginaissance,’ Offers Perfect Drink for 2019

Kavalan Gin is the first in a new series of Kavalan Exquisite Gins for global release.

Its rounder, more complex profile and creamy mouthfeel make Kavalan Gin luxurious enough to be a sipping gin, as well as drunk in cocktails.

The perfect cocktail for the New Year enhances Kavalan Gin’s richness, zestiness and spice. The exotic “Road by the Sea” makes a delicious moment to share with friends or family on any occasion.

  •     Kavalan Gin – 50ml
  •     Sherry Amontillado – 10ml
  •     Dolin Dry Vermouth-infused Bamboo Leaf – 10ml
  •     Coconut Water – 10ml
  •     Coriander Bitters – 2 drops

Kavalan CEO Mr. YT Lee said his first gin, made with botanical extracts, balanced its juniper with notes of tart, sweet kumquat and other citrus, adding depth with musky guava, sweet starfruit, and spices.

“We want to offer a new gin experience this new year. That’s why along with the traditional botanicals of juniper, aniseed and coriander, we are giving people a taste of Kavalan’s home in Yilan with kumquat peel, dried star fruit and red-flesh guava botanical extracts,” he said.

“Taiwan is the kingdom of fruits and Yilan itself is lush and wet, offering its own mouth-watering fruits,” Mr. Lee said.

Master Blender Ian Chang said the Exquisite Gins would celebrate experimentation and take inspiration from the flavours of Kavalan’s home in Taiwan. “After more than 10 years of making whisky, I wanted to try my hand at gin and contribute to the global Gin Renaissance. I’m very excited about crafting a unique series to showcase Kavalan distillery and Yilan and extend a warm welcome to gin drinkers,” Mr. Chang said.

Kavalan Enters ‘Ginaissance,’ Offers Perfect Drink for 2019

Kavalan Gin’s bottle design pays tribute to its water source, Snow Mountain, with the juniper-blue glass crystals symbolising the mountain’s melt waters while the clear glass on top represents its transformation into the deliciously pure spirit of the gin.

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