Kate Mara TIFF Orlane beauty by Coleen Campbell-Olwell

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Celebrity makeup artist Coleen Campbell-Olwell prepped movie star Kate Mara for a gala featuring The Martian at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday using Orlane Products. “Kate’s sporting a structured gold Valentino dress tonight, so we went for dramatic, deep burgundy lips and balanced the look with fresh, glowing skin. It was actually her idea to do a statement lip, and I agreed— tonight wasn’t the night for nude.

I started by hydrating her skin, which is the foundation of the look. It’s important to treat the complexion first, so I massaged in the Orlane Anti-Aging Oxygenation System to awaken her skin and get her glowing. Then I layered on Orlane Super-Moisturizing Light Cream, which is a staple in my kit.

Kate Mara TIFF Orlane makeup by Coleen Campbell-Olwell

Kate Mara TIFF Orlane makeup by Coleen Campbell-Olwell

Kate’s skin is gorgeous, so just a bit of the Orlane Teint Absolu Treatment Foundation #11 evens out her tone. It’s got this amazing velvety texture that isn’t too heavy. To make her cheekbones pop, I swirled on Antonym Blush in Copper along her contours. It’s like a mosaic, and I find it has the perfect amount of gold, peach and rose pigments.

We kept her eyes simple. I tapped gold shadow over her lids and filled in her brows with the Dior Browstyler in Universal Brown. I finished by applying two coats of Orlane Volume Care Mascara on her both top and bottom lashes. This really opens up the eye area.

Kate Mara TIFF Orlane beauty by Coleen Campbell-Olwell

For the focal point of the look, we chose to accentuate her lips with a bold color. I prepped her pout with Orlane Magnificent Lip Balm. After letting that sit a few minutes, I added more to make her lips soft and supple. Then I brushed on MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Sin, and lined her lips with Votre Vu Draw-Matic Lipliner in Sizzler to seal in the color and keep it from migrating.

In anticipation of the camera lights, I finished with a dusting of Orlane Poudre Libre Transparent Loose Powder over her T-zone. It doesn’t make the skin look dry or matte, it simply takes away the shine. She looked gorgeous and sophisticated, and the look really suited her amazing dress.”

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