Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Emmy 2015 Look

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Celebrity stylist, David Gardner, was the man behind Emmy WINNER Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ mane for the 2015 Emmys and she couldn’t have looked any more gorgeous! Gardner exclusively used Peter Lamas products (starting the day before with a super-nourishing mask) and has the step-by-step instructions and tips so you can easily recreate the look at home!

Most hair stylists would start with shampooed and conditioned hair; I start a step before that and ask that Julia Louis-Dreyfus or any of my clients start the night before and take a moment to do the Peter Lamas Youth Revival 5 Oil Hair Treatment Mask (which will be launching soon!). Apply the Mask to freshly shampooed hair (I prefer to keep it all in the same family and use Peter Lamas’ Soy & Baobab Oil Hydrating Shampoo) to get all the day’s build-up out and then the Mask can really get in there and do work! I have my ladies do this for two reasons:

1. If the hair isn’t clean from build-up (or who knows what they’ve been subjected to at work), I can’t do my job on Emmy day.

2. The mask is an incredible strengthener and thickener that is far from making the hair heavy or flat; it fills porous, damaged areas and gives you a real head start in the volume department.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Emmy 2015 Look

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Emmy 2015 Look

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Emmy 2015 Look

Next, grab your Peter Lamas Volumize Me Sea Silk Styling Mousse. LOVE THIS STUFF! It’s packed full of proteins, like kiwi (an antioxidant) and sea silk to protect. This mousse will jack the hold-power up while protecting the hair from heat and wear-and-tear. Apply an egg-sized amount to towel-dried hair and use a wide-toothed comb to make sure it’s distributed evenly.

Starting in the front (to achieve the swoop across the face), section off a Velcro roller width section and spray from root to tip with Peter Lamas ‘Hold Me’ Thermal Styling Spray. Wrap hair around your brush (all with hair dryer down – concentrate ladies, this is the foundation of the whole look and needs to be right) and over direct the roots down and forward and then roll back and off the face. Just make sure the roots are forward. Then, pick up your dryer and start to gently blow the section as it is, put the dryer down, re-roll all the way back to start, pick up the dryer and blow again.

THIS my beauties, is the basic way to do a Velcro roller set. You don’t blow each section and put the roller in when done. You hold the brush still and blow on it as if it is actually a Velcro. Once the hair is dry, and while still hot, firmly put that Velcro roller in place and pin securely – hot-to-cold sets hair more than wet-to-dry.

Repeat this over and over: three back on the top and straight down the back all going under with roots nicely lifted away from the scalp; the sides, again over directing forward, but rolling back away from the face at 45 degrees away and under at an angle (you’ll need this for the slight fullness on the sides). This takes a little time and is worth the effort for an all-day event like a wedding or a long night out as the hair will look sexier and sexier instead of flatter and flatter.

Once all the head is set in the Velcro, you literally leave it alone until you’re 20 minutes away from walking out the door. The longer they stay in, the better. If you’re in a rush, you can blow with the cold air button on any dryer and speed this process up.

TIP: While the hair is rolled up and all the root area is exposed I like to give a good shot of the Peter Lamas Repair Me Amplifying Hydrating Mist – it gives a little bit of extra hold and lift to the root area.

After the makeup and mini photo shoot is over (who doesn’t look amazing in a robe and full makeup and a roller set?), take out all the rollers and using only your fingers, get in there and start to shake out the hair.

If your hair takes a curl really well, you may gently use a wide tooth comb here to get rid of the roller sections and if it’s really indestructible, use a paddle brush.

If your hair falls easily, go section by section, back-comb the roots a little and let it take shape without pulling at all.

Part the hair deeply to the side (or more towards the middle, wherever you like) and wait to see how much your hair falls (loses curl) or doesn’t. If your hair doesn’t fall at all and looks a little Miss America 1950, very carefully apply a little heat to the ends only while brushing through. You want to lose the perfect curl and get a ‘kick out’ like Julia’s. As you get better at the roller set, you’ll learn your hair and get faster and faster. Once desired ‘curl’ is achieved, apply a pea sized amount of the Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Styling Cream to mid-lengths and ends to break it up and make the hair a little tousled and sexy. Give a final shot of Repair Me Amplifying Hydrating Mist and you’re good to go!

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