Jergens Natural Glow creating natural looking color

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Jergens is a daily moisturizer that will give your skin a very light natural color. Not forgetting that Jergens has always has been a go to product that moisturizes your skin. So, no drying out here, it’s easy to use. With all products that give your skin a lift in color, make sure your expectation is realistic. This is a “natural glow” product, not to be confused with a more heavier color a spray tan may give you.

After a shower Jergens Natural Glow is very easy to apply. Use a disposable glove to apply and then discard the glove. If you do decide not to use a glove, just be sure to wash your hands well. The palms of the hand will absorb the moisturize easily, and after a few days any color will build up.  After your application allow it to dry completely, don’t get dressed immediately. Only when the skin has absorbed the product put your clothes, otherwise you could run the risk of staining your clothes.

Jergens Natural Glow creating natural looking color

Jergens Natural Glow creating natural looking color

I have dry skin and did not expect the moisturizing properties of the product to be so good. Considering the addition of the patent pending technology that gives the natural glow to this product.  I was pleasantly surprised, as I prefer a subtle tanning effect on my skin also.

It is very easy to apply without getting steaks or blotchy areas on the skin, including the feet and elbows. Jergens Natural Glow has a light scent, not at all unpleasant. As with all scents it’s a personal choice for myself its very light, and once absorbed it is scentless.

Use this moisturizer after every shower, you will have a subtle glow after a few days. I noticed the light change in color after 3 – 4 days. You will not find any dry looking patches and if you have looked after your body with Jergens before, it will be well hydrated to keep the glow.

A reminder, Jergens Natural Glow is not for those looking to have a full dark tan, or to fill in your tan lines. You can keep your natural glow, and even skip applications for a day or two. I wouldn’t skip application for more than 3 days.

Jergens Natural Glow creating natural looking color

AVAILABLE: Fair to medium skin tones, and medium to tan skin tones


For Stockist in Australia information please call: 1300 468 318

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