Jared Unveils Bridal Collection with Luxury Diamantaire Royal Asscher

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Jared announced the debut of a new bridal collection by luxury, family-owned jeweler Royal Asscher, which has been cutting some of the world’s most magnificent diamonds for more than 160 years including the Cullinan diamond for the Crown Jewels of Great Britain.

“With Royal Asscher synonymous with the world’s finest diamonds and engagement rings, we’re honored to introduce this storied brand to Jared’s customers,” said Bill Brace, Chief Marketing Officer and Jared Executive General Manager.

“The collection will make the diamonds of royalty more accessible to our customers, who always look for something truly exceptional. This collaboration highlights Jared’s goal of working with partners who share our vision in celebrating love with the fire, sparkle, and brilliance of diamonds.”

Jared Unveils Bridal Collection with Luxury Diamantaire Royal Asscher

Jared Unveils Bridal Collection with Luxury Diamantaire Royal Asscher

Royal Asscher is known for its alluring settings and signature, patented diamond shapes that bear the family’s name. The company specializes in creating magical celebrations of love with responsibly sourced diamonds.

The collection, exclusive to Jared, features four, signature 74-facetted shapes:

The Royal Asscher Cut: A modern take on the family’s original diamond cut. An octagonal diamond with a square shape and layered facets, providing a fiery and hypnotic look.

The Royal Asscher Oval: This perfectly glamorous and dazzling diamond has breathtaking sparkle and dynamic fire within its shape.

The Royal Asscher Brilliant: This timeless, beloved shape is crisp and clear, with an extra head-turning sparkle.

The Royal Asscher Cushion: With curved, soft corners and captivating brilliance, this shape exposes the diamond’s full sparkle potential.

Currently run by the sixth generation of the family, Lita and Mike Asscher, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company is renowned for the development of the world’s first patented diamond shape in 1902.

Since then, the Asscher family has added its unique touch to infamous diamonds, including the famed Excelsior and Cullinan diamonds.

“We are very excited about the launch of our gorgeous, exclusive collection at Jared,” said Lita Asscher, President, Royal Asscher Diamond Company. “Our greatest joy is to create diamond rings that are so beautiful that they become heirlooms for many generations to come.”

In 1980, the company was given the Dutch Royal Predicate – the ultimate honor awarded only to businesses of national importance that have shown exceptional industry leadership and social and ethical standards for more than 100 years.

Jared Unveils Bridal Collection with Luxury Diamantaire Royal Asscher

Knighted for his social and responsible sourcing work, Lita and Mike’s father and former company President Edward Asscher is a forefather of the Kimberly Process and is currently the President of the World Diamond Council, representing the diamond industry in addressing the challenges of conflict diamonds.

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