Jane Marvel bags and luxury cosmetics go together hand in glove

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Jane Marvel bags and luxury cosmetics go together hand in glove, we value our skincare, cosmetics, makeup and so we should after all we spend enough of our hard earned money on our treasures. Now think about how you transport them, in your handbag or suitcase when you travel. A cosmetic bag, will either protect your makeup, or render the items inside damaged; we have all come across some disaster at one time or another, with broken product leaking out into what maybe an expensive handbag.

Jane Marvel hanging cosmetic bag
Buying expensive cosmetics and putting them into flimsy cosmetic bags, or using a “giveaway “makeup bag for items when you travel can sometimes not be the best choice. Consider putting your products into well made constructed cosmetic and travel bags that have a designer flair.
Jane Saidenberg,
The selection has to be fun; your whole creative persona is in that bag. Jane Marvel bags are designed by Jane Saidenberg, she has created a line of totes, travel bags, clutches, computer bags, make-up bags in colorful and unique floras, geometric and animal prints, metallics and glitter of-the-moment saturated hues.

Jane Marvel bags and luxury cosmetics go together hand in glove

Jane Marvel hanging cosmetic bag
There is a substantial feel of quality and protection these bags offer and when you pick up a Jane Marvel bag there is a smooth finish to the touch, they hold their shape empty or full. Jane Marvel bags work; they just allow you to keep your skincare and cosmetics intact. The Jane Marvel hanging cosmetic bag is the ultimate travel cosmetic bag, with an added bonus of removable inner compartments to be flexible for your needs, offering a sturdy Velcro closure even a detachable mirror with a neat hanger hook that folds under the flap when not in use.
Overhead – Coated Canvas
If a longer trip is planned the Overhead – Coated Canvaswhich has the tag line on the Jane Marvel web site “big enuf for all your stuff!” even has a “Luggage buddy” a pocket feature on the back of the bag which zips open to convert to a sleeve that slides over your wheeled luggage, strong and lightweight this bag is more than ideal for carry on. A shoulder strap is an option if preferred; Jane Marvel even provides a protection pouch to store your bag in when not in use.
The gusset bag – coated canvas is a cosmetic bag 
Even better, every bag is loaded with pockets to keep you organized. The gusset bag – coated canvas is a cosmetic bag with extra room for those of us who take a few extra items with us each day! Plastic lined, they are also great for weekend trips…but with the wrap around zipper top there is plenty of room to open up and place inside with care your Chanel, Tom Ford or YSL makeup and see it easily when you need to retrieve it.
Best of all, this holiday season a creative way to give a skincare or fragrance gift, is to buy your product and put it inside a Jane Marvel bag, the designs and patterns just make the perfect gift wrap. Jane Marvel can be found at, Think Closet 324A Columbus Avenue New York, NY  10023

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