It’s not always about weight loss but it’s always about health

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It’s not always about weight loss but it’s always about health, and Geoff Jowett Founder and Creator of Bodytrim®, Bodysculpt and Bodytrim Advantage weight loss lifestyle programs is one of Australia’s most innovative health entrepreneurs, that is the perfect description for Geoff he is a “Health Entrepreneur.”


Geoff Jowett Founder and Creator of Bodytrim®

It’s not always about weight loss but it’s always about health. Geoff Jowett Founder and Creator of Bodytrim®

If you are hungry and find that after you look though a celebrity magazine at all the celebs who keep so trim or thin call it whatever you like,  that you now need to sit down and eat the magazine, Geoff wants you to keep reading that magazine and keep eating, yes that’s right eating – don’t you just love men like this.

Geoff Jowett Founder and Creator of Bodytrim®

You won’t gain weight on his program, what will happen is that you will have a lifestyle change  you will remove the image pressure that seems to hang over all of us, and the journey to becoming a healthy person begins, and I forgot to mention that you will just happen to lose weight along the way.

Bodytrim always encourages real food over packaged foods or meal replacements ( so important in health)  however they understand that this is the real world and the real world brings with it all the real world problems and road blocks that we all experience, the need for something  quick and easy and the need for variety – this is why the Bodytrim low carb, high-protein snack foods were introduced.

Bodytrim is a support and information package that shows you how to lose weight fast and permanently, while enjoying all the foods you have always loved.

Key Points Weight Loss

  • You will eat more and weigh less
  • Perfect fat loss plan for people who love to eat
  • Easy and simple to understand
  • Tailored to achieve your goals
  • Doesn’t involve strenuous exercise

Basically the program works by eliminating most carbohydrate sources from your diet and focuses on consumption of lean protein sources, a variety of fibrous vegetables and small amounts of healthy carbohydrates.

  • Lean protein
  • Variety of fibrous vegetables ( unlimited)
  • Smaller amounts of healthy carbohydrates such as : Fruit, wholegrain bread, cereal and low fat dairy

By reducing your carbohydrate intake to this point and consuming lean protein sources your body will automatically burn fat as a fuel = weight loss!

……to be continued with questions for Geoff Jowett

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