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IPL skin rejuvenation will do exactly that ‘Rejuvenate’ every time I have IPL my skin is firmer, glowing and rejuvenated. When I had a series of around 4 IPL treatment in 2007, my skin just radiated I felt so good with the results.  While living in New York I had a Fraxel treatment, now Fraxel is a great treatment it goes into the very deep layers in the lower dermis bringing to the skin’s surface pigmentation that IPL cannot not reach, however I did not end up with the ‘rejuvenated’ look that you can achieve with IPL, so now I can approach both pieces of technology with different goals.

Bita Beyzaee – Founder of The Laser Lounge


Understanding IPL much better I can integrate IPL into my yearly skin regime. A recent visit to The Laser Lounge in Sydney, and a treatment with Bita Beyzaee brought me to a full circle of understanding of just how to integrate IPL as a part my yearly skin care plan.

Use IPL when you need to have a boost in your skin that an ordinary facial cannot give you. For me this was the first time to use the Palomar Multilux can I say what a joy this equipment is for the client. First no messy gels all slathered over the face, I really dislike that with other equipment, only because the gel just gets everywhere in your hair. I was taken by surprise when Bita cleansed the face first and then began the treatment by holding one side of the laser head which cools the skin against the area to be treated in preparation of the laser, then just moving the head slightly to the actual laser itself, quick easy and no mess.


Facial Sun Damage Pigmentation Reduction

I say ‘easy,’ because Bita Beyzaee is an Australian para-medical beauty industry leader with 16 + years experience and  together with her sister Gita Coorey, they founded The Laser Lounge in Australia a thriving  business of 5 clinics, one of which in Castle Hill is the home of their AACDS NSW training clinic in which students are trained in Dermal Therapies and IPL Skin rejuvenation/IPL Hair Reduction.

As IPL treatment has become so efficient, many of The Laser Lounge clients in Sydney seamlessly integrate their IPL Photofacial into their lives by getting treatments during their lunch hour. A brief period of facial redness is the most common side effect of the IPL Photofacial, although this can easily be covered up with liquid foundation, powder or a concealer until the redness subsides, usually within an hour or so.  I very seldom have a red skin after the treatment and even less so after this recent IPL treatment,  I would like to put that down to the Palomar Multilux excellent cooling system, all adding to client comfort as well as the expert knowledge The Laser Lounge therapists have in analyzing skin type and adjusting settings to ensure results without damage.

The Laser Lounge Sydney, Australia

You can find IPL all over the world, but you do need certified experts who operate laser equipment. While living in New York, the stories of therapists who are not certified using laser equipment on clients just because they had equipment training is rampant.  A therapist should be able to show certification in Laser training recognized by a state or medical board as a certified accredited topic. It’s hard to find, but you can find therapists who are accredited at The Laser Lounge 275 Kent St.  Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: 61 2 8922 8190.

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