Inksedge empowering change in the Indian wedding card market

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Be it a small event or big, a national or international, a big fat Malayali wedding or an old-world charm Goan one, Indian weddings are all about extended families coming together. Talking about unique marriages in a culturally vivid land like India, interfaith marriage might not come as a surprise for the current generation. In fact, it is interesting to note that the Indian government has passed laws to protect interfaith marriages known as the Special Marriages Act in 1954. In recent years, many state governments have put out monetary awards to encourage such commitments as well.

This wider acceptance has resulted in the rise of interfaith weddings by 2.1% in the last decade. Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that 54% of mixed couples get married in both the traditions. Given these heartening trends that bode well for better understanding among families and communities. One important question to ask here is – Is the Indian wedding market ready to customize the celebrations for a couple. A couple who has fought all odds to get married and live happily ever after?

Inksedge Empowering Change in the Indian Wedding Card Market

Inksedge Empowering Change in the Indian Wedding Card Market

It is estimated that 45% of Indians abroad get married under the Special Marriage Act and 7.2% of the wedding cards ordered in India are for interfaith weddings. Finding the perfect invitation for a mixed wedding abroad is difficult for the couple and their parents. Often, the couples tend to compromise and end up buying invitations that don’t bring out how special their event is. There is a growing need for vendors and designers who understand the essence of religious sentiments and provide contemporary yet traditionally designed invitations. Inksedge has introduced such wedding card designs for couples on an international level and the convenience of ordering and personalising the cards online with a few clicks has come in handy for many.

Modern and design oriented e-commerce businesses such as Inksedge have recognised the need to incorporate wedding services. Which are not only affordable, but world-class and customized to delight the customer. Inksedge has carved a niche for itself by creating a wide array of secular designs for interfaith and inter-caste marriages. The high-calibre team and proficient designers at Inksedge focus on creating styles, language and designs. That are attractive to a variety of cultures and traditions.

Swathi Kulkarni, General Manager, Inksedge India, opines, Wedding invitation card is a first impression of your wedding. That’ll imprint itself in the memory of you and your loved ones with its warm and welcoming feel. offers contemporary printing solutions, which are affordable, convenient, classy and are a pleasure to be received by one and all.”

Australia-based Arpana Sharma, a Hindu woman, who got married to a Catholic man in Bangalore quips, “It’s funny because convincing our parents did not take as long as it took for us to decide on a wedding card style and format. The traditional wedding card stores in Bangalore hardly stock any wedding card designs for interfaith weddings. And neither were they flexible to customise the design for us. The designer cards were way beyond our budget until we explored Inksedge.”

Undoubtedly, while planning a wedding, getting the wedding invitations conceptualised, sorted and executed are a top priority. A wedding invite not only provides pertinent information. It also sets the tone of the wedding by building up the anticipation and excitement before the big day arrives. Therefore, compromising with its quality isn’t something that should be a part of ‘the’ day’s preparation. Choose the best and do not settle for less.

About Inksedge:

Inksedge is a design oriented e-commerce company focused on the Indian market. They offer high-quality event stationery (invitations for all occasions, holiday cards and shagun envelopes) that is easy to personalise and share. Inksedge is a premium brand focused on offering a stellar experience to their customers; classy designs on the finest paper, hassle free ordering experience and delightful delivery of the most exquisite event stationery at your doorstep. The entire experience of wedding cards shopping with Inksedge is enjoyable. Their customers just need to have a guest list and pick from the gamut of designs. Everything else is taken care of. Clients can sit back and prepare for the grand event ahead of them.

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