INGLOT Cosmetics”Virtual Makeover” app on iPhone

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INGLOT Cosmetics “Virtual Makeover” app  on iPhone, INGLOTs  allows you to take an array of cosmetics and colors wherever you go.   Simply upload an image of your own face or choose to create the look on one of the six pre-existing models.  Whichever picture you choose there are thousands of variations and looks you can create directly on your picture.  Let your imagination run wild! INGLOT “Virtual Makeover” app is complimentary and available by visiting iTunes click here:  

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INGLOT Cosmetics”Virtual Makeover” app on iPhone

Now you can access INGLOTs array of products and colors wherever you go! Have you been too timid to mix up your makeup routine?  No problem!  This app allows you to experiment with exciting new looks using INGLOT’s vibrant color palette and rainbow of products before you buy them.  Not only is there an array of cosmetics available for your eyes, lips and cheeks but you can also color-match the best products for your skin using the apps virtual foundation color matching technology.  And all this can be done with ease as the app offers simple step-by-step guidance.

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INGLOT Cosmetics”Virtual Makeover” app on iPhone

But that’s not all!  You can also virtually build your own Freedom System Palette of eye shadows andlipsticks from the comfort of your own home.  Assemble your custom-made palette by selecting the palette size desired and then drag each color from the easy-to-use display into your virtual palette.  The color options are endless!

INGLOT Cosmetics”Virtual Makeover” app on iPhone

Are you in love with the new look you just created?  Your image can easily go from photo to front door.  Once you have finished your makeover the products can be added to your online cart and redirected to for easy checkout and delivery.  Love it so much you want the rest of the world to see?  The app also has an email and social sharing feature that allows you to easily share your new INGLOT makeup look in your social circle.

INGLOT “Virtual Makeover” app is complimentary and available by visiting iTunes at:

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