Immersive Brand Experience – Lancôme’s Wonderland

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L’Oreal Luxe announced that it has launched ‘Wonderland’ – an augmented virtuality experience that affords experience-seeking travellers ‘physically’ passing through London Heathrow airport (T5), to immerse themselves ‘virtually’ into the brand story of Lancôme.

Lancôme’s Wonderland exhibition at Heathrow – an immersive 3D experience

Digital technology is beginning to reshape the world of retail, and with it opening up for new frontiers in consumer engagement, customer value creation, and immersive brand experiences. No longer depended upon material substances, a shift is underway in how forward-thinking brands are beginning to deploy technologies that engage consumers in new, innovative and most refreshingly – in stimulating ways.

Lancôme’s Wonderland exhibition at Heathrow – an immersive 3D experience

Whilst the technologies deployed are not entirely new, it is the understanding of these progressive brands, that consumers are seeking richer and more meaningful retail experiences across all (digital / non-digital) touch-points. Through these immerse forms of ‘customer engagement’, real opportunities exists for retailers and brands to create smarter customer relations, developing physical, virtual and augmented reality ecosystems that are relevant and accessable no matter when or how a consumer wishes to engage.

Lancôme’s Wonderland exhibition at Heathrow – an immersive 3D experience

Endeavouring to engaging consumers in stimulating ways, is L’Oreal, the owners of Lancôme, which announced ‘Wonderland’ as a major event comprising of a 12 sq.m podium greeting visitors to the World Duty Free T5 store (now until June 11). The staging is described as a chic, modern alcove: “a setting half-way between a streamlined box and a Haussmannian apartment grey with molding on the outside, and luminously enchanting on the inside”. Large format photos of roses by Jennifer Lund are on display. L’Oreal points out, that through the use of Microsoft Kinect technology for body-movement recognition, visitors of the exhibition can interact with seven distinct spaces and with the objects within those areas to learn more about Lancôme and its products.

Lancôme’s Wonderland exhibition at Heathrow – an immersive 3D experience

From simply fulfilling ‘customer needs’, brands and retailers are discovering that customers have a growing desire to be delighted along their decision-making journey. Responding to these consumer desires, are brands seen to transform themselves by entering a new world of entertainment. “We believe that women come to Lancôme to be more beautiful and they leave happier,” noted Lancôme’s President Youcef S. Nabi. “This view of beauty finds its best expression in Wonderland, The Wonderful World of Lancôme. Beauty, technology, heritage, magic, enchantment… All of Lancôme is there!”

L’Oreal further announced, that the 3D exhibition will also be available at selected department stores and online at

Immersive Brand Experiences as Lancôme stages Wonderlander Expo

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