I AM a Soul Champion new book from Rachael White

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I AM a Soul Champion: How to live a spiritually guided life through, Manifestation, Intuition, Positivity and Archangel Aromatherapy.

This week I have officially launched my new book. In writing my book I wanted  people to know that there is another path to healing beyond conventional medicine. My family and clients healing inspired me to share my experience with the world. Many families navigate the health system like I did. My husband had been diagnosed with clinical depression and had attempted to take his own life. My two year- old son had been diagnosed with eczema. We navigated the health system and diligently did everything we were advised to do to heal. Like so many people and families, we filled prescriptions. Attended therapy sessions and medical appointments, applied creams, changed bed linens. We eliminated foods from our diets, exercised, bound up wounds, and tried to adopt a positive mind frame.  Our lives were spiralling into despair and hopelessness. Nothing was working. The situation was becoming worse.  I had always been spiritual but had kept my beliefs locked up tight in the closet. I began to explore my spirituality. As I opened up, my grandmother, spiritual guides, and angels came to me, and my husband Ben—in the most extraordinary spiritual experience.

I AM a Soul Champion new book from Rachael White

I AM a Soul Champion new book from Rachael White

I surrendered, and my spirituality was revealed to me in a way I could never have imagined. It was in this moment that I became conscious of not only who I was. Also of the power of the divine energy that lives, moves, and creates within us all. Connecting with spirit is not an easy thing to share; it takes courage.

Being backed into a corner of hopelessness, illness, and despair had forced me out of the spiritual closet to dare to consider that I could be spiritually assisted in healing my family. As it always is with so many other families and individuals, my situation had seemed hopeless. I stood to lose everything including the people I loved. I was open to anything. The good news is that you don’t need to go through hard times the way I did to realize that you, too, have the opportunity to live a spiritually guided life.

All that I have, you have too. This is why I have written this book. To share with you something that you already have.This book will support and teach you how to live a spiritually guided life. Living a spiritually guided life is about recognizing, first and foremost, that you are a soul, just as you are  mind and a body. The soul is the spiritual aspect of being human.

For over a decade since my spiritual experience I have been working with archangels and spiritual guides receiving guidance on how to heal my family and clients. Over time I developed the most amazing new paradigm for healing. I couldn’t wait to share this book with the world. It’s unconventional and spiritual, but the methods I present worked. It is a model of psycho-spiritual therapy along with vibrational prescriptions- the archangel aromatherapy prescriptions that acknowledges the soul and the multidimensional nature of human beings for the intention of healing.

The new paradigm embraces the multidimensional person—a spiritual being having a human experience in order to evolve his or her consciousness and achieve enlightenment and oneness.The body is a vessel that enables the soul to create the human experience. All disease, illness, and trauma found in the body is directly linked to unhealed emotions from our current life or from past lives.

Unhealed emotions are the cause of all disease and illness, and they show up in the auric field before they manifest in the physical body. My theory was scientifically validated by Dr. Hunt scientifically proved that emotional disturbances in the body’s bio-electromagneticield (aura), rather than biochemical imbalances (physical), are the primary cause of disease and malfunction. (Hunt, 1996)

The Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions are vibrational prescriptions that support emotional healing and holistic wellness. Clearing negative emotions stored within the energetic body that manifest as dis-ease and illness.

The book outlines a set of key teachings and practices including in-depth understanding of Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions and an easy to-use Healing Guide. The Healing Guide allows people to cross-reference particular emotional issues, life and spiritual goals with the relevant Archangel Aromatherapy prescriptions for the purpose of healing, transformation and manifestation.

I AM a Soul Champion new book from Rachael White

I feel so blessed to be able to share this experience, and I hope with the strongest of intention that this book lands in the hands and reaches anyone struggling in any area of life ,carried on the wings of angels.

The book has been published internationally and is available to  purchase from some of the following online stores .


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