H&M Fall Fashion 2020 Collection The Beauty Of Recycled Materials

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H&M Fall Fashion 2020 Collection the Beauty of Recycled Materials. The H&M Fall Fashion 2020 collection features cherished wardrobe heroes inspired by beautifully crafted lace dresses from the 1930s.

The eight-piece collection incorporates vintage details such as mutton sleeves and ruffles in modern, voluminous cuts. The lace, jacquard and wool in the collection are made from more sustainably sourced materials, reflecting H&M’s continuing commitment to a more sustainable fashion future.

The collection is an exploration of the beauty and innovation behind recycled materials and is yet another step towards H&M´s goal to only use recycled and sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

H&M Fall Fashion 2020 Collection The Beauty Of Recycled Materials

he new season is about finding power in timeless designs. The collection emphasises this by blending vintage silhouettes with a fashion-forward modernity in dress lengths that range from mini to maxi and a full-length double-breasted coat.

High necklines, lace inserts and mutton sleeves are reinterpreted for today, while lace, jacquard and wool are reimagined in innovative recycled fabrics.

The whole collection is proudly built around more sustainably sourced materials – the recycled polyester, recycled nylon and recycled wool come from textile waste, plastic waste or a mix between them – giving new life to old PET bottles, old garments or textile off-cuts.

Today, 57% of the materials H&M group use to make clothes are organic, recycled or other sustainably sourced materials. In 2019, we used recycled polyester equivalent to nearly 537 million PET bottles.

H&M Fall Fashion 2020 Collection The Beauty Of Recycled Materials

We are a family of brands, driven by our desire to make great design available to everyone in a sustainable way. Together we offer fashion, design and services, that enable people to be inspired and to express their own personal style, making it easier to live in a more circular way.

Individually, our values may seem obvious. But put them together and our unique company culture is born. Our values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.


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