Herbfarmacy organic skincare herbs from Herefordshire to Hong Kong

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Herbfarmacy organic skincare herbs from Herefordshire to Hong Kong, when a natural skincare brand takes to the stage here in Hong Kong, we want to be surprised and entertained, and Herbfarmacy did just that at an event they staged to celebrate the opening of EcoG’s new counter in Cityplaza APITA.  The new counter features comfortable, natural decor made from wood and other natural materials consistent with EcoG’s green image. The counter is also softly lit, with a simple and elegant layout just the right setting to learn and experience the Herbfarmacy‘s products


Herbfarmacy organic skincare herbs from Herefordshire to Hong Kong

To begin with, Herbfarmacy’s founder Dr. Paul Richards who has over 30 years of experience in organic farming spoke of the private farm in Herefordshire where all the organic herbs are grown and cultivated for the Herbfarmacy skincare line. “Humans have a long history of using herbs” said Dr. Richards, “Herbs can effectively improve skin quality, especially when pollution is worsening in contemporary societies, causing allergy-prone skin.” This is a skin care issue so many people in Hong Kong are concern with.

Pic 2_Organic pressed flower workshop

Herbfarmacy organic skincare herbs from Herefordshire to Hong Kong

How can you bring the organic farm herbs to Hong Kong so that we can experience the texture the color of the herbs and hold these delicate plants in our hands. EcoG who manage the Herbfarmacy line here in Hong Kong, presented a workshop for the media members to create their own dry herb design, using herbs from the farm, and then encase the design into a frame, that was judged by Carol Richards.  This activity took us back to a time when nature studies at school, was a very tranquil time. Everyone was just smiling as we placed herbs into the glass and talked about our patterns, laughed at how we would have had this activity at school, the power of nature to recall good memories.

Herbfarmacy organic skincare herbs from Herefordshire to Hong Kong

Among the plants that can be found in the farm, marshmallow, calendula, mullein, comfrey and echinacea flower excel at relaxing, moisturizing and repairing the skin, making Herbfarmacy’s line of products all the more effective as treatment for skin allergies.

Herbfarmacy Skin Rescue Balm is a favorite for Hong Kong organic skincare enthusiasts as it reduces dryness, irritation and itching that rises from eczema. This is a beautiful and enjoyable treatment cream to use, who could not be tempted by marshmallow, calendula, chickweed and comfrey to rejuvenate a sensitive skin. It will nourish, protect and just absorbs so easily as it boost the skin back to moisturized condition.

Being unique and original, that is what you can expect from EcoG Organic Skincare Brand and Herbfarmacy, they pay attention to detail whether hosting a media event, growing organic herbs at their farm in Herefordshire, conceptualizing their skincare counters,  producing true organic herbs that are setting high standards in the Natural Beauty Yearbook 2011, 2012  so roll on 2013.

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