Guerlain Rainbow Pearls Meteorites Pearls

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Guerlain Rainbow Pearls Meteorites Pearls  a translucent powder that has “six new shades” that “diffuse redness and dark spots” and minimize “areas of shadow” and “counter dullness.”

The powder is primarily used to “set make-up and revive the complexion. If you do have a redness to your skin tone, this powder can help neutralize some of the natural redness.  If you apply this onto bare skin you can expect a 10-15% reduction.  Just  see how this will effect the redness when you have a foundation on first, as the foundation may well take care of a percentage of redness.

Guerlain Rainbow Pearls Meteorites Pearls

Guerlain Rainbow Pearls Meteorites Pearls

This limited edition, summer version of the famous Meteorites Pearls is more of a translucent powder that softens skin texture. There is a delicate shimmered to keep this powder from looking flat or matte on the skin. However it will in no way offer a shimmering finish to the overall look.

As before the actual pearls will put a fair amount of powder on your powder brush. As will all powders care in gently tapping your brush will shake off any excess residue.

When it come to actually setting makeup. The  product is incredibly finely-milled and of silky texture.  This will give the translucent powder  a better finish to more moist dewier foundations. Without matting down the finish, which can happen with the more traditional setting powders.

Can a loose powder extended your makeup, the answer is “yes”. Can this product extend a normal set makeup longer, it’s possible depending on the atmosphere of where you are. I travel between Europe and Asia and now with high humidity I don’t expect miracles from any loose powder. If I am in an air condition location throughout the day, I would expect it to offer a good finish for at least 8 – 9 hours.

Guerlain Rainbow Pearls Meteorites Pearls

There is a violet-scented  from the powder, but  that is so light it will not linger at all.

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