Gübelin with Parmigiani Fleurier offers a limited edition

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The houses of Gübelin Jewellery and Parmigiani Fleurier have come together to interpret the fascinating inner world of a ruby. Their collaboration resulted in further jewellery from the Glowing Ember line as well as the Tonda 1950 Gübelin timepiece.

Inspired from within

The unique aesthetics of Gübelin Jewellery are inspired by the fascinating inner world of precious gemstones. Within, they reveal spectacular shades, shapes and structures that can be made visible with a highly magnified photography. Following the Deeply Inspired philosophy, Gübelin designers immerse themselves in a mysterious world, uncovering additional facets of the gemstone to interpret its inner and outer beauty to create unique pieces of jewellery that reflect the soul of the gemstone. For this limited edition, Gübelin Jewellery shared its unique aesthetic and philosophy with Parmigiani Fleurier.

Gübelin with Parmigiani Fleurier offers a limited edition

Shared inspiration – shared values

For this collaboration between Gübelin Jewellery and Parmigiani Fleurier, the creative teams of both houses used the photomicrography of a ruby as their source of inspiration. The image of the ruby reveals an impressive shape, formed by a drop of basaltic melt, which then became trapped in the growing ruby crystal. The two interweaving ovals appear to rise up before the vibrant background of the ruby, like glowing embers in a smouldering fire. The ruby is considered the king of gems and a symbol of love and passion. For Gübelin Jewellery, it also symbolises the unique interconnection between beauty, knowledge and artisanship which the luxury brand represents.

The collaboration between Jewellery Parmigiani Fleurier manufacturers is based on shared values such as innovation, authenticity, creativity and artisanship which unite the two firms.

Gübelin – Glowing Ember

This shared inspiration has encouraged Gübelin Jewellery to design additional creative pieces for the Glowing Ember line which interpret the curved shapes of the inclusion. The elegant red gold bracelet consists of several interlocking hoops that create a three-dimensional structure and project a modern dynamic. “The asymmetrical and playful arrangement makes a focal point of the rubies”, explains Gübelin Jewellery’s design team. The diamonds in the thread pavé setting, deliberately set solely in the inner hoops of the bracelet, provide lightness and additional luminosity. The individual loops of the piece are connected using fine links that maintain the feel of the design and offer supreme flexibility and optimum comfort. This voluminous, yet delicate piece of jewellery is a tribute to femininity. The matching, delicate drop earrings have been created with the same design philosophy in mind, for an effortlessly perfect combination.

Parmigiani Fleurier – Tonda 1950 Gübelin

The collaboration with Gübelin Jewellery has created a distinctly feminine version of the iconic “Tonda 1950” from Parmigiani Fleurier. As an homage to the king of gemstones,. The bezel of the rose gold watch is set with 84 rubies. A sparkling ruby adorns the dial of delicately shimmering mother-of-pearl, which also features rounded, sometimes diamond-set shapes that emulate the inclusion. A cabochon-cut ruby graces the crown of this timepiece that combines traditional watchmaking with passion and femininity. Gübelin has carefully selected each gemstone to guarantee their quality.

The sapphire crystal case-back reveals the ornate “Côtes de Genève.”  Decorated movement and displays the oscillating weight, which, for the first time in the house’s history, has been coloured in a deep red. The ruby-red alligator skin watch strap is made by Hermès and embellished with a rose gold pin buckle.

Anne-Laure Parmigiani designed the timepiece and comments: “Drawing inspiration from the inner world of the ruby was a fascinating experience. The result is a feminine timepiece that intuitively reflects the refined elegance of the pieces from Gübelin Jewellery.”

Limitierte Edition

The result of this creative collaboration is a limited edition of 28 pieces. Each, consisting of the “Tonda 1950 Gübelin” timepiece as well as the bracelet and the drop earrings from the Glowing Ember jewellery line. These exceptional pieces can be worn individually. Or as a set and manifest a unique combination of elegance, beauty, and precision. Emerged from the shared deep inspiration and core values of the two houses.

Deeply Inspired

The Deeply Inspired philosophy pervades the company at all levels and stands for the combination of knowledge and beauty. This philosophy also serves as the basis for the unique jewellery aesthetic. “In the course of our collaboration, we shared our inspiration with Parmigiani Fleurier and together immersed ourselves in the gems. The results were creations that that interpret the inner beauty of the ruby. While harmonising perfectly”, says Raphael Gübelin, President of the renowned family-owned firm. To symbolise this philosophy, each piece of Gübelin Jewellery contains a ruby.

Gübelin with Parmigiani Fleurier offers a limited edition

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