Gübelin Sparks of Fire ­­– a firework of colors

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The House of Gübelin presents its Sparks of Fire line, inspired by the fiery inner world of a ruby. The jewellery design is based on the Swiss jeweller’s Deeply Inspired philosophy. Gübelin jewellery is inspired by the mysterious inner world of coloured gems. The individual structures within each gem, the so-called inclusions, are fascinating features that give each gem its individual character and reveal clues to its history. They are witnesses to the processes that created the gem and are the key to its soul.

Gübelin designers have found their inspiration for the Sparks of Fire line in the spectacular colours, shapes and sparks found in a ruby. These inclusions resemble a colorful display of fireworks. The characteristics within this ruby create a refined play of light. Producing a colorful interplay of refracted colors, a veritable sparkling rainbow.

Gübelin Sparks of Fire ­­– a firework of colors

Gübelin Sparks of Fire ­­– a firework of colors

The Sparks of Fire line offers an additional selection of coloured gems in various sizes. Fire opal, yellow beryl, morganite, rubellite, amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine and green tourmaline. The pink gold rings draw attention to the facetted gems and can be worn in combination or individually. They are little talismans, bearing the fire of creation within them. Brilliant-cut diamonds can be added to bring additional fire.

The Sparks of Fire line is part of Gübelin’s Glowing Fire world of jewellery, in which the inner life of rubies, tourmalines and other red gems have inspired designers to create exclusive pieces of jewellery. They summon the manifold facets of fire, passion and love. To add expression to our Deeply Inspired philosophy, each piece of Gübelin jewellery contains a ruby – to many, the king of gems and a symbol of passion and love.

A pioneer of gemmology

Eduard Josef Gübelin (1913–2005) was one of the pioneers of research into inclusions. In one of his numerous scientific publications, he described how inclusions in gemstones “document their evolution”. His revolutionary microphotography also revealed the inner beauty of gems. His “Photo Atlas of Inclusions in Gemstones”, still a standard work in the field of gemmology, contains the microphotographs of the ruby on which the design of the Sparks of Fire line is based.

The Sparks of Fire line of jewellery is available at the Gübelin private salon in Hong Kong.

Quote Eduard Josef Gübelin about the inner world in rubies

 “This ‘flaming beacon’ owes its popularity to the majestically glowing colour of a fiery red ember under a surface with a lacquered sheen.”

 Eduard Josef Gübelin

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