Gübelin Jewellery presents Sparks of Fire for Mother’s Day

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Gübelin Jewellery presents Sparks of Fire for Mother’s Day.  Gübelin Jewellery is celebrating Mother’s Day with the latest offerings from its Sparks of Fire line. These glittering gifts are a daily reminder of unconditional love, joy and gratitude.

Symbol of love

For millennia, jewellery has been the perfect way to express deep emotions, enduring relationships and true trust. This central and universal significance makes it the ideal present for upcoming Mother’s Day to celebrate the love between mother and child.

Contemporary glamour

Coloured gem jewellery in a modern interpretation. This necklace is an addition to Gübelin Jewellery’s Sparks of Fire line, which has been created to appeal to women and mothers with a love of fashion and an eye for design. Radiant gems such as aquamarine, morganite as well as green and pink tourmalines glitter in delicate red gold settings. This opulent yet puristic necklace sets a glowing highlight on its own and is easily combined with other pieces. In addition, the necklace can be combined with its a matching bracelet, offering even more possibilities for variations.


 Gübelin Jewellery presents Sparks of Fire for Mother’s Day

Gübelin Jewellery presents Sparks of Fire for Mother’s Day

Purism in perfection

The very essence of design. Framed in a minimalist red gold bezel setting, these ear studs beautifully accompany other coloured gems and diamonds. They give each day a hint of colour and underscore the individuality of their wearer. Mix & match with the Sparks of Fire line. Sparks of Fire ear studs with tanzanites mined in the vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as tourmalines in romantic pink and luminous aquamarines.

Threefold beauty

Gübelin Jewellery has added three new trilogy rings in exciting colour combinations to its modern Sparks of Fire line. The number three carries a deep symbolic meaning in many cultures, where it can stand for past, present and future, or as a symbol of the Holy Family. But the true meaning depends on the wearer herself.

The Trilogy ring features a combination of marine colour shades, consisting of a tanzanite with aquamarines. White gold highlights the cool look.  In this red gold ring, the pink tourmaline is flanked by two morganites.  Morganite, green tourmaline and aquamarine harmonise brilliantly with the warm radiance of red gold.

Deeply Inspired

Experienced goldsmiths, jewel setters and polishers created the exquisite pieces, based on Gübelin Jewellery’s unique aesthetic. It is part of the Deeply Inspired philosophy, which pervades the company at all levels and stands for the combination of knowledge and beauty. “As a member of the sixth generation of our family-owned company, I am very proud of the way in which we combine beauty, knowledge and artisanship,” says Raphael Gübelin, President of the Swiss family-owned firm. To symbolise this philosophy, each piece of Gübelin Jewellery contains a ruby. It is considered the king of gemstones and stands for passion and love.

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