Gübelin Jewellery main partner for the art and architecture forum Engadin Art Talks

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Gübelin Jewellery once again main partner for the art and architecture forum Engadin Art Talks (E.A.T.)  The Gübelin Jewellery brand was present for a third year in a row to support the art and architecture forum Engadin Art Talks (E.A.T.), which were held last weekend in Zuoz. Gübelin used this setting to present its Provenance Proof initiative.

Gübelin Jewellery main partner for the art and architecture forum Engadin Art Talks

 Engadin Art Talks

This is now the seventh time that the Engadin Art Talks in Zuoz have brought aficionados of art and culture together to meet and exchange views. This year, the forum presented the theme of “Side Country Side”, focusing on the landscape and rural regions.

Side Country Side

Participants in the two-day event included Aric Chen, Kashef Chowdhury, Claudia Comte, Bice Curiger, Rem Koolhaas, Niklas Maak, Mai-Thu Perret, Emily Segal, Pacôme Thiellement and Adrián Villar Rojas. Topics included legendary landscape art and monumental architecture projects as well as museums in remote areas. They explored population flight from country to city, rural life in literature as well as issues of contemporary landscape architecture. Numerous researchers, architects and creative artists presented their projects and interpretations on these topics.

Provenance Proof

Country of origin plays an especially important role for coloured gems. In order to allow for more transparency in the coloured gem industry, Gübelin Gem Lab instituted the Provenance Proof initiative. The Gem Lab is an independent subsidiary of Gübelin.

Within the course of a year, the Gübelin Gem Lab brought forth two ground-breaking technological innovations with the goal of increasing transparency in the gem industry. The Provenance Proof initiative allows a gem to be traced back to the very source from which it was mined.

Emerald Paternity Test

The Emerald Paternity Test uses DNA-based nanolabels applied to the rough emerald crystals. These nanolabels are invisible under optical microscopes and thus have no influence on the appearance, quality or characteristics of the gem. The test allows a completely new level of transparency when purchasing emeralds, building trust and enhancing security.

Provenance Proof Blockchain

With its Provenance Proof Blockchain, the Gübelin Gem Lab developed the first digital fingerprint for coloured gems. The laboratory worked together with the London-based Everledger company to create this technology. The goal of the project is to set up a digitally decentralised database to collect information about the life cycle of gems along their entire supply chain. “Blockchain technology is predestined for use in combination with the Emerald Paternity Test”, explains Raphael Gübelin, President of the family-owned firm. Blockchain and nanotechnology represent a powerful combination. “They allow us to trace the unaltered history of a gem directly between the mine and its buyer,” says Gübelin.

Gübelin Jewellery main partner for the art and architecture forum Engadin Art Talks

Films and various exhibit objects offered visitors to the Engadin Art Talks deeper insights into the Provenance Proof initiative. Which allows greater transparency in the gem industry. Gübelin Jewellery presented selected pieces of jewellery. Featuring precious colored gems. As well as emeralds that thanks to the Emerald Paternity Test. Which could be traced back to the mine that they came from.

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