Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day

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From the heart – Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day. For what is certainly the most romantic day of the year, Gübelin Jewelery presents a choice selection of jewelery pieces rich in meaning. With these elegant creations, the Swiss family-owned company celebrates the Day of Love.

Symbol of love

The heart is certainly the most well-known symbol of love. The center of this ring glistens with an emerald from Colombia. The subtle entourage reflects the emerald’s heart shape and brilliantly enhances the theme. Heart-shape emeralds are especially rare and it is difficult to find fine examples with perfect proportions. Emeralds have a long and fascinating history. Even Queen Cleopatra treasured these green gems. For the ancient Egyptians, both emeralds and the color green stood for life, youth and rebirth.

Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day

White gold ring with a heart shape emerald from Colombia, 2.84 ct, and 112 brilliant-cut diamonds. HKD 302,000

Stone of love

The ruby is known as the king of gemstones and truly stands out among other gems as a symbol of romance, passion and love. Ruby is the name given to the red variety of corundum. This means that every ruby is red and so reminiscent of the heart – both physically and emotionally.


Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day

White gold ring with ruby, 1.71 ct, from Burma. Pear-shape diamonds, trilliant-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.17 ct comprise the multi-faceted entourage. HKD 285,000

Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day

Timeless white gold ring with a step-cut Burmese ruby, 3.21 ct, and brilliant-cut diamonds. Burma is regarded as the renowned source of rubies. High-quality rubies from Burma are highly prized worldwide. Price upon request.


toi et moi

Rings with a crossed motif are known as croisé rings. They symbolize the love that two people feel for each other. When set with two gemstones, they are also known as “toi et moi” from the French expression for “you and I”. This makes these rings the ideal symbol for the love between two people.

As far back as the Renaissance, rings set with a diamond and a ruby have been considered a sign of eternal love. This ring features a brilliant-cut and a ruby leaning towards each other.

Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day

Gübelin Jewelery for Valentine’s Day

Croisé ring in white gold with a ruby of 1.03 ct and a brilliant-cut diamond of 0.56 ct. Brilliant-cut diamonds set in the ring band lend additional fire. HKD 122,000.

Gübelin Jewelry

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