Guan Xiaotong, unveil a new collection in Beijing – Artiz Studio

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Guan Xiaotong, unveil a new collection in Beijing.  Artiz Studio hosted the Fashion Night and the launch event for the 2019 Alice Garden Collection on December 10. Widely popular actress and icon of China’s post-’95s generation Guan Xiaotong made a stunning appearance at the event. Jiahao Group chairman Allen Shi, Artiz Studio representative Kwon Ji Yeong along with fashion and film stars, international and local celebrities as well as fashion buyers and journalists attended the star-studded event.

On leading Chinese Twitter-like social networking platform Weibo, both the Alice Garden-themed event and Guan Xiaotong ranked in the site’s “Hot Searches” list on the night.

The grand event served as a testament to the brand’s aesthetic, romantic and luxurious style. Artiz Studio’s new star designer Miss Guan unveiled her stunning new look at the event, articulating her inspiration behind the Alice Garden Collection.

Guan Xiaotong, unveil a new collection in Beijing - Artiz Studio

Guan Xiaotong, unveil a new collection in Beijing – Artiz Studio

Inspired by her favorite colors, flowers and movie scenes, as Artiz Studio’s first star designer to be a member of the post-’95s generation, Miss Guan infused the collection with a lively and artistic feel. Speaking of her experience as the star designer, Miss Guan said: “Shot by Kwon Ji Yeong, the collection clearly and vividly reflects the essence of South Korean-style photography, which is recognized for effortless pursuit of perfection in both candid and feature photography.

Since inception, Artiz Studio has worked on projects together with over 200 of the world’s most renowned celebrities and has taken the lead in developing partnerships with star designers.

The brand targets young consumers with a focus on the generation born between 1990 and 1995, as well as those born after 1995, creating major opportunities for wedding service providers.

Guan Xiaotong, unveil a new collection in Beijing – Artiz Studio

Artiz Studio is also well known for its professional, high-end services available worldwide. Artiz Studio currently owns and operates 45 photography studios around the world, having established itself as a trendsetter in the luxury wedding photography market through its adherence to world-leading standards and services.

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