Grapevine Village, Yang Lan of WG Empire and Vera Wang

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Grapevine Village  hosted an event to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 featuring media mogul and entrepreneur Yang Lan, founder of WG Empire, Vera Wang, and Kristen Standish, CEO of Grapevine.

The event, “Empowering Women Through Fashion, Entrepreneurship, & the Influencer Trust Economy,” in spirit with this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #EachforEqual, featured panelists who celebrate their differences, champion diversity, and promote equality.

Kristen Standish noted that 70% of all Instagram followers are female and that platforms like Grapevine Village create a symbiotic relationship between influencers and followers – influencers are empowered to pursue their entrepreneurial goals while followers save time discovering by quality products from their trusted influencers.

Grapevine Village, Yang Lan of WG Empire and Vera Wang

Grapevine Village, Yang Lan of WG Empire and Vera Wang

Vera Wang, founder of a growing fashion and lifestyle management agency, encourages women to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. Yang Lan, who is also a mother, and wife, noted that women are expected to be superwomen – to manage and balance everything.

She emphasized that this is only possible with a supportive community and system which is why she created Her Village.

Her Village is an app that provides education and content from the world’s leading experts. “Through Her Village, a personal development community that I built in China, we were able to bring together high-quality content and experts to reach over twenty million urban working women and inspire them to succeed,” Said Yang Lan.

“There’s a very exciting opportunity with Grapevine Village and entrepreneurs such as Vera Wang to build that community in the United States, starting with Yang Lan Fashion, which represents that same spirit of caring and sharing.”

In addition, Vera Wang has dedicated a portion of her Verafied Showroom space to highlight premium women-facing brands curated by Grapevine such as Yang Lan Fashion and Diego dalla Palma to her 1,000,000 followers.

“As a Chinese-born entrepreneur, working alongside one of my idols to launch an initiative like this is a dream come true for me,” said Vera Wang.

“Empowering Women Through Fashion, Entrepreneurship, & the Influencer Trust Economy,” is part of a series of exclusive events hosted by Grapevine to inform and encourage female entrepreneurs and creators.

“It’s more important than ever to set a strong tone for this decade as women seek to close the funding and opportunity gap,” said Kristen Standish “there’s a real opportunity to engage a community of activist influencers to inspire and empower women all over the world to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.

Grapevine Village, Yang Lan of WG Empire and Vera Wang

Our business is quickly expanding, and we welcome the opportunity to have conversations with firms looking to join our movement and invest in a female-led organization.”

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