Grace Kelly partners with Julia Kontogruni unparalleled wedding dress experiences to Asian brides

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Global high-end wedding dress buyer brand Grace Kelly announced a partnership with leading Austrian handmade wedding dress design house Julia Kontogruni during the gala night and promotional event for the brand held in Shanghai on January 9, 2019. With the partnership, Julia Kontogruni makes its first foray into the Chinese market with new jointly-designed wedding dresses for Asian brides.

Julia Kontogruni designer Kremena Gineva, Focus Media chief executive Jiang Nanchun, Chinese TV hosts Si Wenjia and Zhao Qixin, as well as renowned South Korean wedding dress designer Choi Jae Hoon, among other guests, attended the influential fashion event.

Grace Kelly, a leading global wedding dress buyer brand and high-end wedding dress rental platform, has been referred to as the “Galeries Lafayette” of the wedding dress rental sector among fashion icons worldwide, reflecting the brand’s ability to identify and respond in a timely manner to fashion trends.

The brand now has 45 shops around the world and serves 140,000 brides a year. Grace Kelly is committed to offering premium wedding dress collections. In 2011, the brand opened its first shop in Shanghai, bringing together a wide range of wedding dresses from world-famous designers, among them, Berta, Milla Nova, Marchesa, Dior, Elie Saab, Choi Jae Hoon, Atelier Pronovias, Riki Dalal and Lee Seung Jin, as well as haute couture dresses displayed at shows held during major fashion weeks.

Grace Kelly partners with Julia Kontogruni unparalleled wedding dress experiences to Asian brides

Grace Kelly partners with Julia Kontogruni unparalleled wedding dress experiences to Asian brides

Grace Kelly has now become the largest high-end wedding dress buyer brand and rental platform not only in Asia but also worldwide. Well-known Chinese actresses, including Tiffany Tang (Tang Yan), Mini (Yang Mi), Liliya (Tong Liya), Traey Miley (Guan Xiaotong), Lin Chi-ling and Gina (Jin Chen), chose Grace Kelly as their fashion partner to celebrate the important moments in their life or for special occasions.

The high end wedding dress maker from Austria and latest Grace Kelly partner, Julia Kontogruni, is known for the the luxurious and exquisite handmade wedding attire that have been christened by fashion watchers as the Million Dollar Wedding Dresses. The story behind Julia Kontogruni began in 1887, when Eugene Hallette opened a manual lace workshop that combined his unique lace knitting craftsmanship and secret lace dying processes.

In 2002, designer Julia Kontogruni created a high-end custom wedding dress brand under her name in Vienna by bringing together the antique lace of the Lamaison Hallette handmade workshop with Austrian Swarovski crystal, and the wedding legend inspired by Julia Kontogruni was born. From the Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate to George Clooney’s wife, lawyer Amal Alamuddin, the wedding dresses of this century’s most astounding nuptials depend on lace fabric from Julia Kontogruni.

At the Grace Kelly gala night, the two top wedding dress brands teamed up to create an extravagant parade of the world’s most awe-inspiring bridal attire. Amid the dreamy music and lights, the handmade, customized wedding dresses from Julia Kontogruni showed off their stunning details, including Sophie Hallette lace fabric, Swarovski crystal, Italian silk, Bulgarian embroidery interwoven with crystal diamonds from Southern Europe.

An exquisite bead embroidery technique, sexy open-back design and a symbolic court style drag-tail design came together to serve as a testament to the perfection behind the impeccable design, ultimate craftsmanship and unique retro luxury that Julia Kontogruni is known for.

“Grace Kelly is not only a powerful brand bringing together the world’s high-end dresses buyers, but also a network of shops and an expansive high-end wedding dresses rental platform that has always been at the forefront of fashion. Julia Kontogruni is thrilled to have entered into this partnership with Grace Kelly and is optimistic about what the future portends.

The design house plans to add to the lineup of dresses specially designed for Asian brides. “At the event, designers from Julia Kontogruni announced that the two brands are planning to launch a new jointly-created series in April, creating dresses that are models of perfection for Asian brides using precious materials such as glass beads, gold and silver thread and crystal.

Grace Kelly partners with Julia Kontogruni unparalleled wedding dress experiences to Asian brides

The combination of Julia Kontogruni’s gorgeous court aesthetics and the soft characteristics that are associated with Asian women is expected to usher in a new chapter in wedding dress design, while a unique and distinguished collection will be added to Grace Kelly’s wedding attire lineup.

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