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What do you think? Have you noticed that technology (hardware) starts to fade from view, becoming more integrated and ubiquitous to the user? Indeed, we are nearing a new area of ‘wearable’ computing that is less about ‘holding’, ‘carrying’, ‘operating’ – instead, it is about accessing contextual information and sharing experiences with and from the environment around us. Paul Pugh @Frog Design refers to this emerging phenomenon as the ‘concept of patina’ – suggesting that the mobile experience through ‘wearing’ will come into regular use: “Mobile becomes a halo that surrounds us and travels with us wherever we go”, he says. Much excitement was generated when Google first announced its own development plans to advance wearable computing – code named ‘Google Glass’, it immediately set imagination and possibilities among experience-seeking consumers (techies at first) alight.


Possibilities for Experience Sharing – Google Glasses

At last year’s Google I/O (2012), Google co-founder Sergey Brin gave his audience a ‘taste’ of what ‘Google Glass’ would feel like; high above the Moscone Center in San Francisco, experience-sharing participants wearing ‘Google Glasses’ awaited his signal to jump from a blimp, skydiving onto the roof of the convention center – all whilst sharing the ‘thrill’ and ‘experience’ with I/O attendees. A group of ‘stunt’ bikers wearing ‘Google Glasses’ then proceeded to take a captivated audience on a ‘thrill ride’ – demonstrating the experience-sharing capabilities of ‘wearable computing’.


Google Glasses in Action (Photo:

Emerging consumer technologies will certainly take advantage of an increasingly ‘connected’ and mobile society – more than 1.6 billion people are now using social media platforms (eMarketer), empowering members to share their experiences in real time among peers and special interest groups. This transformation is said to become a real game-changer for businesses, where conversations among social networks will expand from ‘text’ to ‘voice’, and from ‘picture’ soon, to live ‘experience-sharing’. From a business-to-consumer (b2c) view point, ‘wearable computing’ technologies developed for everyday use, will most certainly pose interesting opportunities for experience-staging ‘hosts’. Think of your next vacation where you can share sight-related experiences with fellow travellers, adding emotional nuances that deliver powerful messages.

Powerful indeed, as a recent study into ‘experience sharing’ (TripAdvisor 2012) suggests: a strong correlation exists between social media and travel, whereby a growing number of travelers (76 %) said they share travel experiences via social networks; perhaps more powerful still, when Google decides to launch its experience-sharing eyewear. We invite you to share your thoughts on this topic!

(Google Glasses are estimated for commercial release not until sometime 2014 – PR Newswire 24 April 2013).

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