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Bordering between reality and imagination, dreams are a magical state of grace that make everything looks possible. But, on a sleepless night they turn into their opposite: a nightmare.  Insomnia is a plague that affects 10% of the people. Most of all women.

Sleeping is a technique that can be learnt by implementing specific strategies that disable wakefulness centers and get us ready to rest. First rule: switch off the computer because the monitor light inhibits the production of melanin and hinders sleep. World-renown neurophysiologist and pediatrician Eduard Estivill is also convinced that, as a habit, sleeping well can be learnt during childhood. On this matter, he wrote a book “Duérmete Niño” (“Sleep my Child” published by Mandragora) and devised a method, both of which are highly appreciated as they are debated, to teach children the habits of sleep.

 “During sleep children produce the growth hormone, that is why the more they sleep, the healthier they grow. While in adults, it’s during the night that the skin’s renewal process reaches its peak”.  Estée Lauder scientists share this point of view, hence they have turned Advanced Night Repair into the leading product of their night beauty rituals line: thanks to the Agt enzyme, this formula helps repair the appearance of past damage cause by environmental assault, before it becomes permanent. Plant stem cells are instead the key element of Reshaping Filler Cream by Collistar – a triple formula with regenerating, re compacting and repairing properties.

By supporting cellular communication, Rénergie Lift Volumetry Nuit by Lancôme helps redefining face contours resulting in a more youthful and plumper look. Moreover, lipolysis seems to be more active at night that’s why Somatoline Cosmetics have created Intensive Night Slimming Treatment which helps reduce localized fat deposits in only two weeks. However, the award in night-care innovation goes to Innéov: Anti-Fatigue Intégral & Regard is a dietary supplement that, from sunset to dawn, erases the signs of fatigue thanks to the action of the tryptophan, a sleep-inducing precursor contained in milk.

It is a well-known fact that drinking a mug of milk before going to be bed is the best method for a good night’s sleep.  Photo by Miles Aldridge, from Vogue Italia, March 2005

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