Glowing Jellyfish: Gübelin’s magnificent sapphire ring

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Renowned Swiss jeweller Gübelin presents its Glowing Jellyfish ring. Inspired by a fascinating sapphire inclusion, the ring evokes the majestic movements, as well as the beautiful, graceful, and mysterious wonder of the jellyfish. Anyone who has seen a bloom of jellyfish floating dreamlike through the depths, their fragile silhouettes dramatically set off against the dark, can’t help but be captivated by their waiflike beauty and fascinated by their strange mystery.

Glowing Jellyfish: Gübelin’s magnificent sapphire ring

Glowing Jellyfish: Gübelin’s magnificent sapphire ring

Made almost entirely of water, as their bell-shape bodies gently billow to and fro, their long tentacles like reeds of fine gossamer or spindles of silver grass, jellyfish can seem like mere wisps of fragile cloth lost on the tides. Yet scientists have discovered that they can be surprisingly robust, some able to swim against strong currents and others to survive in the most difficult underwater environments. Infused with this hidden power and otherworldly grace, they are like majestic angels of the deep slowly rotating through the oceans of the world.  Having hardly changed their form in 500 million years, jellyfish also bear witness to our earth in ancient days – just as sapphires do. And like sapphires, their beauty is timeless.

Gübelin’s designers evoke the fascinating aura and movements of these unique sea creatures in their magnificent new Glowing Jellyfish ring. Set in platinum, and centred around a fine oval sapphire from Kashmir, the ring uses the jellyfish’s gentle swirling movements to add a creative new dynamic to the classic entourage design, its diamonds moving gently but suggestively around their deep blue centre stone as if drawn by a gentle current.

A unique inspiration, from deep within the stone

Glowing Jellyfish: Gübelin’s magnificent sapphire ring

Glowing Jellyfish: Gübelin’s magnificent sapphire ring

Hand made by the artisans of the Gübelin Jewellery Atelier, Glowing Jellyfish is not only a masterpiece of the jeweller’s art. It is also an expression of Gübelin’s unique jewellery aesthetic.  Gübelin’s jewellery has always been inspired by nature, and in particular by the magnificent coloured gemstones it uses. Unlike other jewellers, however, Gübelin takes its inspiration not just from the outer beauty of stones, but also from their fascinating inner worlds. These are the worlds of the inclusions: microscopic bubbles, striations and other forms found in most coloured gems, and that arise as the stone’s crystal grows in the depths of the earth. As witnesses to the stone’s creation, the inclusions are the keys to its soul. Beautiful natural objects in their own right – with their spectacular colours and shapes, fantastic vistas and breathtaking patterns – they provide Gübelin’s designers with a visual and conceptual inspiration deeply rooted in the natural world.

Glowing Jellyfish: Gübelin’s magnificent sapphire ring

The Glowing Jellyfish piece, for instance, was inspired by a zircon crystal inclusion trapped in a sapphire host. Common in sapphires, these inclusions can result in fascinating halo effects. In this case, the halo also suggests a crown, reminding us of the sapphire’s traditional associations with royalty. Picking up on these motifs as well as the jellyfish’s iridescent glow, Gübelin’s designers conceived a collection of supple shapes revolving around a dynamic core, reflected in the diamond entourage around the ring’s fine blue stone. A part of Gübelin’s Deep Sea world of fine jewellery, the ring puts the mysteries of the deep blue waters on its bearer’s finger.

Deeply Inspired: Uniting beauty and knowledge in the service of a deeper luxury

Of today’s leading jewellery houses, perhaps no other has the ability to conceive and create jewellery in this way. Thanks to the Gübelin Gem Lab, one of the world’s most respected gemmological laboratories, Gübelin’s designers and jewellers not only have the advantage of working with some of the finest specimens to be found. Gübelin’s designers are also able to look deep inside the stones to discover their unique qualities and inner beauty, revealing their fascinating inner lives and unlocking their secrets. In its renowned Jewellery Atelier, Gübelin’s talented designers, and its highly skilled artisans, working in the grand traditions of haute joaillerie, are able to translate these discoveries into fine, handmade masterpieces that truly reflect the beauty and mystery of the stone. This results in pieces that are subtle, deep, breathtaking, often surprising, and directly connected to nature at her most creative and evocative.

This unique jewellery aesthetic is an expression of Gübelin’s broader philosophy of luxury. Called “Deeply Inspired”, it reflects the conviction that real beauty lies not on the surface but deep inside. For Gübelin, true luxury is not just about possessing a thing, it is also about understanding and appreciating its qualities, both external and internal. A fine object, truly appreciated, brings us pleasure because it helps us connect – to the world, to the traditions of the past, to our understanding of ourselves today.


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