Glenfiddich Opens Doors to Experimentation, Collaboration and Innovation

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Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky announces the India leg of the annual ‘World’s Most Experimental Bartender’ competition, encouraging entrants from across the Indian subcontinent to display their creativity and innovative approach to bartending. Celebrating a new era of experimentation and artistry, Glenfiddich aims to inspire the spirit of the bartenders that exhibit path breaking creativity and mastery.

Glenfiddich Opens Doors to Experimentation, Collaboration and Innovation

Glenfiddich Opens Doors to Experimentation, Collaboration and Innovation

Bartenders are invited to submit an original and artfully crafted serve with the Glenfiddich 12-year-old. Showcasing their skills and winning a seat to be a part of the India finale. A jury panel of eminent members from various spheres shall shortlist the most outstanding entries. Which shall be announced on 2 August 2018.

They will then be paired to collaborate for the final round of the competition in September 2018. When the India winner will be announced. Each of the six bartenders will be cast opposite thoughtfully picked prolific minds. Known to push boundaries in their respective fields of art, design, gastronomy, music and more. Together the duo will be responsible for fashioning unique and unconventional Glenfiddich serves redefining the creative spirit of whisky bartending.

Angad Singh Gandhi, Brand Ambassador, Glenfiddich India comments, “Glenfiddich is thrilled to be launching the third season of the World’s Most Experimental Bartender competition in India. As a brand known for its innovative approach towards the craft, we look forward to receiving entries from bartenders that go beyond our everyday imagination and challenge the whisky norm.”

The winner from India and around the world will be invited to an all-expenses paid trip. To the Glenfiddich Experimental Bartender Academy in Scotland. Where they will compete for the title of the ‘World’s Most Experimental Bartender’. Winners of this year’s competition will also be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their creative work. Through an ‘Experimental Expedition’, visiting Tokyo International Bar Show and Bar Convent Brooklyn. To take in two of the world’s most influential bar shows.

The winner from the 2017 India series that competed at the world stage were Chef Prateek Sandhu, Masque & Grappa Bartender and Chirag Pal. The duo took inspiration from the Mighty Himalayas. Calling it ‘Prionsaí de Sleibhe’ – Gaelic for Princess of Mountains using ingredients such as sea buckthorn wild berry, apricot and rosemary.

Glenfiddich Opens Doors to Experimentation, Collaboration and Innovation

Entries for the India leg are now open and will conclude on 25 July 2018. To find out more and accept the challenge. Send entries to

All entrants must be over 25 years old. The the flexibility to attend a week-long trip to Scotland in November 2018.

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