Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows

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“Women have always been afraid of wearing bright colors because they don’t find them in the right texture. In this new line, Eyes to Kill Solo, every shade has been custom-created in a wearable texture. It’s the perfect accessory for the face.” — Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist. Inspired by nature’s elements, Eyes to Kill Solo offers a dense and deep “Macro Color” range of 20 shades. Each color story draws a specific vibration from a carefully studied texture. Subtle, silky, intense or sheer materials blend together to offer these single eyeshadows a distinctive luminosity and color personality. A made-to-measure approach thanks to a technological formulation that reveals all the beauty of the pigments. A palette of 20 intensely colored eyeshadows comes in three texture families: satin, vivid and matte.

Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows

Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows

The 10 satin shades, inspired by the catwalk, contain the exclusive “wet process” innovation which reduces the amount of solvents and white powder that are added to the formula. A unique method obtained by using pressure and top suction on the powder and the translucent solvents ensures the formula’s cohesion and allows a greater density of pearls to be used. The formula: a clear liquid texture is injected directly in the final pack and then dried. Once the solvent of the formula has evaporated, the texture becomes satiny soft, with enhanced color payoff. The color result is spectacular and perfectly pure, offering the most beautiful hues.

Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows

Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows

The 4 electric shades in bold tones are inspired by wild nature—dangerous and fascinating. This new formula is heightened by technology featuring transparent and multi-faceted kaleidoscopic pearls that continuously diffuse a bright and unfailingly luminous color. Through multidirectional refraction, the surface light gives these colors a different appearance—the eyes become hypnotic.

Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows

The 6 matte shades deliver long-lasting intensity with bold colors. The high concentration of pigments and the ultra-fine particles of the soft-touch powders allow an exceptionally high percentage of pure pigments to be used. The result is a long-hold matte intensity and ultra-saturated color that underlines the eyes’ radiance and depth.

Giorgio Armani has Eyes to Kill Solo Eyeshadows (32.00)

1 Obsidian
2 Armani navy
3 Asphalt
4 Wood
5 Vulcano
6 Khaki
7 Black light
8 Gun metal
9 Tadzio
10 Beige nudo
11 Ecaille
12 Ice
13 Kimono
14 Aurore
15 Parma
16 Dark plum
17 Green viper
18 Scarab
19 Nuance
20 Sapphire spider (Not available in US)
21 Moon jelly (Not available in US)
22 Anemone (Not available in US)
23 Corallo
24 Tangerine (Not available in US)

Availability: Now @ Neiman Marcus, Selfridges;  Giorgio Armani officially launches June 2014


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