Ginger and Juniper signature facial lift massage

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Ginger and Juniper signature facial lift massage is a treatment where you will gain benefits from understanding and experiencing how important an expert facial massage is, as part of your facial. A visit to see Peter Rixhaam Beauty Therapist extraordinaire at Ginger and Juniper in Belgravia London,  will not only have you leaving his therapy room renew and rejuvenated but also with a new youthful look to your skin. This signature massage is a favorite among Ginger and Juniper clients because it gives results, this is due to the technique that Peter has perfected with combination a various pressure point massage techniques on key muscles points over the entire face.

Ginger and Juniper Belgravia London

The universal muscles are around the eyes, across the forehead, along the cheeks, under the mouth and above the mouth leading down to the chin. Variations, however, have been found among “nonbasic” muscles (those not used for universal expressions). They are often intertwined, both physically and functionally, with other muscles, this probably sound very complex but it takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 muscles to frown.

Peter Rixhaam Beauty Therapist extraordinaire at Ginger and Juniper in Belgravia London

At Ginger and Juniper Peter uses `Neal’s Yard Remedies as the preferred treatment product, Peter explained that this line matches his concept of inner health and well being for his clients, he appreciates the Neal’s Yard Remedies philosophy, as they are passionate about transforming people’s lives to live a more healthy and holistic lifestyle through the power of nature.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

The Ginger and Juniper signature facial massage is a natural, non-invasive and relaxing technique that mixes facial reflexology and eastern facial massage techniques to give a natural, instant facelift- as well as a feeling of well-being and renewed vitality.

Peter recommends that if you desire a more firm and toned skin then start off with a Signature Facial Massage once every two weeks for a few treatments, then migrate to once a month. But just as you go to the gym for muscle exercise in the body, then think along the same lines for the facial muscles. This massage technique is not just for aged clients, it’s a great way to keep a young skin in tip top shape.

Neals Yard Remedies London

Don’t be fooled in your facial, there is a difference in facial massage and face lift massage,  you can compare this to a Swedish Body Massage and Deep Tissue with the Deep Tissue being specific with deliberate strokes. Peter has a confident touch this is a blend of good technique and good people skills. It comes from within and flows through the hands to the client, both parties instinctively know if there is an issue with confidence or trepidation. Of all the places a therapist works on the body, no place requires the therapist expertise to honor the client’s space more than the face. Clients can sense shaky hands and unorganized strokes, they  differ in a facelift massage compared to general facial massage, with Peter’s technique you will always experience lift rather than push or pull down, its all in Peter Rixhaam’s confident touch at Ginger and Juniper.

The Ginger and Juniper signature facial massage is £100 for 60 minutes / £140 for 90 minutes when travelling to London from Hong Kong this is well worth booking ahead for an appointment.

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