Geoff Jowet tells it like it is

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Geoff Jowet tells it like it is, we asked Geoff a few questions on living a healthy lifestyle, as a follow on to the previous article, “It’s not always about weight loss but it’s always about health”.

Can being overweight lead to health problems?

Yes, being overweight or obese has been linked to a plethora of serious health problems from heart disease, stroke, infertility, cancer, fatty liver disease and arthritis. There is also other problematic conditions that impact a person’s quality of life when overweight, like poor self esteem, depression and fatigue.

Geoff Jowet tells it like it is

Geoff Jowet tells it like it is

Is any fat healthy?

Yes! There are healthy fats that are essential for a good diet. The healthiest fats are mono or polyunsaturated fats, and the best sources of foods for these fats are oily fish, like Salmon; tree nuts; or cold pressed olive oil.

What type of exercise is best?

It depends on what you’re goal is. If you’re goal is to get fit – then strenuous exercise is great for this. But if you’re goal is to lose weight, then the best kind of exercise is really some brisk walking for around 30 minutes each day. This is because the more you train the hungrier you get and the more calories you’re likely to consume. This is  called the ‘compensation effect’, and often people eat far more than the amount of calories they’ve burnt whilst working out.

Geoff Jowet tells it like it is

Geoff Jowet tells it like it is

How much exercise should I do?

On the Bodytrim® program no strenuous exercise is required, however we do recommend aiming for 10,000 steps a day. The kit comes with a pedometer so you can measure the amount of steps you are currently doing, and increase this if needed. This could be as easy as getting off the bus one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way, or popping out of the office in your lunch break to do a quick walk.

Does the product or weight loss program carry any risks?

Bodytrim® involves eating real fresh food that you purchase from your local supermarket. It promotes principals from a ‘hunter gatherer’ style eating approach – the way our bodies where designed to eat. There are no pills or supplements to interfere with medications.

How much does the weight loss program cost?

The Bodytrim® kit retails for $199, and includes all the educational and motivational material you will need to get your health on track. We also offer free trials where people can try the product for 30days and if they are happy pay for it at the end.

When will I start losing weight?

Weight loss will vary depending on the individual, but an analysis of 8,000 of our members showed that the average weight loss in the first week was over 6 kilos*! In most cases you’ll start losing weight in the first 3 days and you’ll be surprised at how much.

*Based on an analysis of 8,152 Bodytrim® members who input their weight after 7 days on the Bodytrim program.

Geoff Jowet tells it like it is

I’ve stopped losing weight…What am I doing wrong?

Believe it or not this happens to most people during their weight loss journey, but the good news is there are ways to get yourself out of the de-motivating plateaus! The secret to jolting your body back into shedding those kilos is to mix up what you’re doing any way you can. Try some new lean proteins, eat different fibrous vegetables or simply eat more of them, have smaller snacks more frequently or take a different route for your daily morning walk. Your goal is to shock your body into pushing past your ‘set point’. It may take a couple of weeks to get things moving again, but rest assured, this plateau is most certainly temporary. You might also want to make sure you’re religiously recording your meals in your food diary – you’ll be surprised at how easily extra snacks of the wrong kind can sneak in, when you think you’re doing everything right.

How can you adjust this weight loss program to fit well with your lifestyle? 

Because this program is based around portion sizes and macronutrients as opposed to calorie counting and restriction, it’s relatively easy to adjust it to your lifestyle based on your food preferences. You’re not required to undertake ‘exercises’ at specific intervals throughout the week and can simply fit your 10,000 steps in ‘as and when’ you can, depending on your schedule. “Thanks Geoff” that was easy, as easy as getting healthy so enjoy your life!

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