Frederic Blondeel Chocolatier meets Canton Bloom

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Hand-selected teas from around the world, meet smooth, dark and decadent chocolates from Belgium! It’s time to ditch the unhealthy candy and indulge in a guilt-free Easter with Canton Bloom’s dark chocolate tea pairing: #AntiJunkMasonJar! Thanks to globally renowned chocolatier Frederic Blondeel, and Premium Tea Artisans Canton Bloom, who brings tea from countries around the globe like France, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, South Africa to the front doorsteps of Hong Kong, two of the best treats in the world–fragrant teas and superior chocolates will be beautifully paired in the cutest gift box any FIT Easter Bunny could give! And if that’s not enough, it also includes a private tea tasting at Canton Bloom’s showroom that helps tea novices understand the art and tradition of drinking high quality teas from different regions. It’s time for More Brew, Less Boo this Easter!

Frederic Blondeel Chocolatier meets Canton Bloom

To celebrate Easter in STYLE and solve all of your Spring diet worries, Canton Bloom is taking healthy indulgences very seriously by teaming up with Frederic Blondeel, the master chocolatier with over 15 years of experience, to keep you covered for an active and nutritious Easter with its #AntiJunkMasonJar. Canton Bloom stuck true to its philosophy by also selecting 4 creative blends that have the best benefits for April, including Hot Caramel Apple, Roasty Rice Pop, Mama’s Blend, and Sweet Grape Delight to match antioxidant-filled dark chocolates.

Each a special tea blend handpicked by Founders Vikki Cheung and Hugo Tse. After visiting tea plantations from around the world, this pair of founders is proud to offer a curated selection of premium wild teas for their exclusive Easter set. Hot Caramel Apple from South Africa, which is as wonderful as a sinless treat on its own, or as a dessert-pairing tea, is an antioxidant rich infusion that brews to a beautiful deep color with overtones of sweet caramel and delicious apple to help with your digestion.

Roasty Rice Pop from Shizuoka Japan provides a strong and antioxidant rich green tea flavor. A lingering nutty, roasted aroma that relaxes one’s mind at any time of day. Not only does it take care of your mind. It also provides benefits that range from eliminating age spots, to warding off wrinkles and saggy skin. Mama’s Blend from Shizuoka Japan consists of five premium grains which work together to provide a delicate and mild roasted flavor. It’s great not only for mothers, but also for those who would love a nutritious cup of tea to calm one’s’ nerves, and ensure healthy bones.

The Sweet Grape Delight from Taiwan equally provides a punch of antioxidants. The added oolong contains enzymes that facilitate stored fat metabolism in the body to help burn off dietary carbohydrates. To ensure every tea lover can be an aficionado in the art of tea. Not only do they get a decadent Easter, but also experience a healthy one. If tea novices want to learn more, they can take advantage of Canton Bloom’s invitation to a Private Tea Tasting. Which is yet another juicy surprise tucked away in the #AntiJunkMasonJar. The Private Tea
Tasting is hosted with the brand’s Founders themselves. Tea novices can create their own tea party while Canton Bloom features 7 types of teas. Their nutritious elements, and pairs them with foods for the ultimate, most unique tasting.

Frederic Blondeel Chocolatier meets Canton Bloom

To follow their vision of a tea-beautified world, Canton Bloom promises the healthiest, most satisfying Easter with the #AntiJunkMasonJar. An exceptional quality tea experience from the globe. Complemented by some of the best chocolates straight from Belgium. With a healthy Easter comes a healthy Spring. Take tradition and the art of tea seriously. This Easter, indulge in More Brew, and Less Boo. Happy Drinking!

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