Fraxel Dual Restore – skin radiance at Parkway Medical Hong Kong

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In 2012 I had my first Fraxel treatment in New York City then last week I went to Parkway Medical in Hong Kong to have another treatment, so since 2012 what has changed in the world of fractional laser technology? Some amazing processes developed by Solta Medical, the medical aesthetics company behind the popular Thermage treatment offers their Fraxel re:store Dual system in Hong Kong, a non-surgical and non-ablative laser treatment that uses two wavelengths for different skin concerns.

For the patient this is a fast treatment, very comfortable and in the hands of the right doctor will just lead to the best results to fight against sun damage, pigmentation wrinkles and fine lines, as well as experiencing a slight skin tightening effect. For me the best part of the whole experience was having my neck treated, I always wanted to have my neck treated with fractional laser; this was never possible until now. I can attest that treating the neck area with the Fraxel re: store Dual system is comfortable and effective.

Fraxel Dual Restore – skin radiance at Parkway Medical Hong Kong

Fraxel Dual Restore – Pre-treatment Fraxel re:store Dual system

Dr. Chan at Parkway Medical examined my skin; he had recommended that I receive a Fraxel treatment after I had a Thermage at Parkway Medical earlier this year. I have pigmentation problems from sun damage on the face and neck as well as fine lines and wrinkles from a loss of elasticity. As with age my skin also enlarged pores around the nose, skin laxity and a lack of radiance, which made me a suitable candidate for the 1550 wavelength. Briefly, the 1550 wavelength allows for deeper penetration into the dermis to stimulate collagen remodeling that will lead to the tightening and firming of skin. The 1927 wavelength is catered to superficial resurfacing which can reduce hyper pigmentation, freckles and sun damage on all parts of the body.

As I have had a Fraxel before, I knew that there would be downtime for a few days, the treatment does leave the skin a sun burnt pink and quite warm to the touch for about two hours after the treatment. The skin will be dry followed by what can be with some patient’s visible looking bad sunburn.

Fraxel Dual Restore During the Treatment

Photos were taken of all the areas to be treated, and then my therapist applied a layer of topical anesthesia gel to my face and neck which took 30 minutes to take effect. The treatment began and it was much quicker than the previous treatment and far more comfortable using the Fraxel re:store Dual system. There are four passes for each wave length, as there is a focal cooling built directly into the hand piece you feel as though your skin is have a shower of cold water all the time, as the hand piece is moved over the skin. The speed of the procedure has increased by 25% with its newly improved scanner design; before you know it your 30 minute treatment is complete. The therapist once again puts on a gel onto the treated area to aid with the redness, followed by an application of sun block. My skin did feel hot, and then warm all of that sensation subsided after 2 hours.

Fraxel Dual Restore Post-treatment

As before my face had a pink/red appearance and the look of a suntan, but not the swelling I had encountered in New York. The day after, most of the pink/redness had gone; I did notice the texture of the skin during the recovery process was different. Likened to an emery board as one side is rougher than the other, the treatment in New York definitely gave a rough sandpaper-like texture to my skin during the recovery, however with the Fraxel re:store Dual system the skin in recovery was much finer to the touch. Dark brown small pigmentation spots began to appear on the top of the skin, and then they just gently sloughed off, revealing a clearer skin over the 7 days post treatment. My skin was not as dry or uncomfortable as it had been in the last treatment. You can wear makeup after 24 hours, and I found that just a light dusting of mineral powder was needed. Keep the skin moist with a good simple moisture cream, there was no discomfort at all.


Fraxel Dual Restore One week later

Around 7 – 10 days the skin color takes on a new look, it’s clear and lighter as a good amount of the hyper pigmentation has gone, I couldn’t be more pleased. My pores significantly smaller, skin texture noticeably smoother and a slight skin tightening effect which I was very happy with. Dr. Chan explained why its advisable to have a course of 6 treatments one every 4 – 5 weeks, as the Fraxel re:store Dual system moves across the skin it will randomly locate the hyper-pigmentation, not all the pigmentation is caught in one go, so to have a through treatment you need to have the Fraxel re:store Dual over a six month period.

Fraxel Dual Restore – skin radiance at Parkway Medical Hong Kong

I absolutely agree, would I recommend it? In my opinion, Fraxel re:store Dual offers the effectiveness of non-ablative lasers with the advantage of shorter downtime. If you want clear skin call (852) 2526-8088 ParkwayHealth Skin and Wellness Centre 1602, 16/F Hing Wai Building, 36 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

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  1. Annie Meyer says:

    Are you able to recommend a strong Fraxel practitioner for Western skin in HK?

    • Hi Annie
      I would not do that for legal reasons, should anything go wrong for you. I have had Fraxel in the US and here in Hong Kong. The only advice I can suggest is that you read a few reviews, call the medical clinic and find out which doctors specialize in Fraxel treatment, to meet your need. You need to feel that they are empathic to your needs not just trying to get you in and get your money. Don’t be influenced by price, you will pay more for example in central but I found in other areas around Hong Kong they were cheaper, but gave less treatment time. I personally do not like to give my details to an answering service and then they will call back, this is for me too much of a planned part of the sales process, either they are at the clinic or not. Fraxel is an excellent treatment, and you need to feel the doctor is working with you to achieve the results you want.

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