Fragrance Du Bois debuts at Parfumerie Trésor Hong Kong

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Luxury French perfume house, Fragrance Du Bois, is proud to announce its debut in East Asia on the 5th of  October 2016, at Hong Kong’s Parfumerie Trésor. At the heart of all Fragrance Du Bois’ creations is the 100% pure, natural, organic Oud oil. Which is sustainably produced on the brand’s own plantations.

Agarwood, from which Oud oil is derived, is no stranger to Hong Kong. It is the species of tree that originally gave Hong Kong its famous name. ‘Fragrant Harbour’. This became the officially recorded name after the Treaty of Nanking in 1842. With the territory, and the port area in particular, serving as the Asian hub and the regional supplier and distribution center for aromatic materials and ingredients.

Fragrance Du Bois debuts at  Parfumerie Trésor Hong Kong

Fragrance Du Bois debuts at Parfumerie Trésor Hong Kong

“We are beyond thrilled to debut in Hong Kong,” says Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance DuBois. “Pauline and her team represent and embrace the same values and ethos as we do, and we couldn’t imagine a better partner than Parfumerie Trésor. Hong Kong is part of our strategic expansion plans to reach out to the Chinese people. Who already have a deep understanding of Oud and agarwood. It’s been part of their history for thousands of years.” She continued, “We are also looking to increase our range of products, to include wood chips, Oud oil and incense sticks in Hong Kong. I look forward to this unique partnership with  Parfumerie Trésor, and I am excited at the prospect of what it will bring.”

Fragrance Du Bois’ Brand Story

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature. Crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th century French traditions of Grasse. All Du Bois fragrances are created using 100% pure, organic Oud oil and other sustainably sourced ingredients.

Our exquisite fragrances will transport you to yesteryear, invoking long lost memories, fleeting feelings, and bursts of joy. Our beguiling creations will strike a chord with your deepest, most intimate and unique selves.

From our signature Shades Du Bois range to our exquisite Privé collection, Oud oil is at the heart of all our perfumes, each of which has its very own individual character. Fragrance is a highly personal experience and Fragrance Du Bois strives to deliver a personal touch.

Fragrance Du Bois’ signature range, Shades Du Bois, was conceived by combining olfactory immersion – the isolation of individual senses to promote focus on the scents involved – with the concept of colour personality profiling. Colors evoke moods and create connections with certain aromas. French perfumers created seven fragrances inspired by seven colors (Rouge, Rose, Violet, Bleu, Vert, Jaune, Orange). Each conveying a variety of harmonious and complementary moods and characteristics.

Shades Du Bois collection –  Oud Rouge Intense, Oud Rose Intense, Oud Violet IPerfume connoisseurs who appreciate the finesse and craft of fine fragrance creation can transport and challenge their senses with Privé collection. These iconic, enigmatic scents are the most prized creations of our perfumers. Whose imaginations elevate the elegant fragrances to the level of works of art. Producing harmonious symphonies of scent – delicate, but exquisitely balanced, and possessing strength and longevity.

Fragrance Du Bois debuts at  Parfumerie Trésor Hong Kong

Fragrance Du Bois has boutiques in Paris – France, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia and Bangkok -Thailand. With more planned for Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In which the art of niche perfumery creates a truly intimate and unique experience for consumers.

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