Flora™ Debuts in U.S. with New Flora Plant Butter.

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Flora™ Debuts in U.S. with New Flora Plant Butter. Upfield, the world’s leading producer of plant-based spreads and plant butters, today introduced its newest plant butter brand, Flora™, with the launch of Flora Plant Butter in the United States.

Flora Plant Butter is a vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and non-GMO plant butter with a rich and creamy taste and which consumers can use 1:1 in baking and cooking but is made with plant-based oils, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Flora Plant Butter is packaged in paper wrapping, not plastic, making it a more environmentally responsible choice for consumers looking to reduce their imprint on our planet through sustainable foods, without sacrificing taste.

Flora™ Debuts in U.S. with New Flora Plant Butter

“Flora is a culinary-inspired premium brand that brings a rich heritage of chef experience from markets around the world, and it is a thrill to bring this new brand to American consumers,” said Bernice Chao, brand lead, Flora, Upfield North America.

“We are a product loved by chefs that can be used by home cooks and bakers who are looking to put a twist on traditional recipes with a dairy-free and great tasting ingredient.”

Flora Plant Butter 

Flora Plant Butter is made from a blend of responsibly sourced palm, sunflower and canola oils, which give it a rich and creamy texture. It can be used like dairy butter 1:1 in cooking and baking, or spreading, without compromising buttery taste or performance.

“We are deeply passionate about creating new foods that will change our world because they are better for you and better for our planet,” continued Chao. “With Flora Plant Butter we have done just that. First, as a plant butter that is a vegan and non-dairy product that offers a suitable option to help consumers meet their dietary or lifestyle needs.

Flora™ Debuts in U.S. with New Flora Plant Butter

Second, as an environmentally conscious brand that is leading the way with 100% plastic-free paper packaging.”


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