Finess® is Changing the Game in Bladder Leak Protection

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Finess® is changing the game in bladder leak protection. One in three women currently struggle with bladder leaks, and for the estimated 20 million women battling with this issue. Regular product failures, wet underwear and a fear of odor are a constant problem. In fact, one in three women with bladder leakage experience a product failure every week.

Soft Health Technologies (SHT) is on a mission to disrupt the bladder leakage category. Which hasn’t seen true innovation in decades.  In a recent study of women using SHT’s latest version of the Finess® Softpatch.  98% of women reported Finess stopped some or all of their bladder leaks and 92% of women stated they would recommend the product to a friend or family member.

Finess® is Changing the Game in Bladder Leak Protection

Finess® is Changing the Game in Bladder Leak Protection

The Finess Softpatch is an entirely new approach to stopping bladder leaks caused by exercise, sneezing or coughing. Most products capture leaks, while the Finess Softpatch actually stops leaks before they happen. The Finess Softpatch is placed over the urethral opening (the opening where urine leaves the body), and the gentle hydrogel adhesive seals it in place. Preventing any urine from leaking out until it’s removed. It is designed to fit comfortably and stay in place during rigorous activities like running or CrossFit and be easily removed without discomfort.

“We really pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and trying unconventional approaches to managing bladder leaks,” said VP of Marketing Jenna Anderson. “We believe that women should be able to feel comfortable, confident and dry at all times. We are very excited to offer women a discreet option that stops leaks. So they don’t have to wear bulky pads, worry about odor or change their daily routine.”

The latest study on the Finess Softpatch, conducted by Synexus, a leading clinical research organization. Involved 56 women aged 25-55 with mild to moderate bladder leakage caused by exercise, sneezing or coughing. Women in the study used the Finess Softpatch daily for 28 consecutive days. 98% of women in the study reported that that Finess Softpatch was easy to learn to place within a few tries, and 85% of users gave the product 4 or 5 stars.

Finess® is Changing the Game in Bladder Leak Protection

Soft Health’s mission is to be bold and create products that give women the freedom to live their lives leak free with confidence and joy. Learn more about the Finess Softpatch at

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